Xcel Series

The Xcel Series from Weiss Technik provides temperature and humidity testing with flexibility through intelligent engineering, ergonomic design, broad temperature range and lasting reliability and durability. Available in many standard model configurations that fit most testing applications, the Xcel Series includes standard features that allow for accurate and precise product testing. Optional accessories allow you to customize your testing applications. The easy-access panels allow for easy maintenance. The Xcel Series provides fast change rates and accurate testing in a compact design.
  • Continuous double-gasket seal
  • Designed to hold higher live loads
  • Small footprint- Allows access through industrial size personnel door
  • Shelves- Standard & Heavy Duty available
  • Robust Heating & Cooling systems allow for optimum performance
  • User friendly heavy duty adjustable casters
  • Precise touchscreen controllers
  • Front and rear sliding door design*
  • Includes dual machine packs*
  • Includes remote instrumentation console*
  • Remote air cooled system*
*where applicable  
  • Custom port options available
  • Wide range of CFM airflow options
  • Multiple door latch options
  • Explosion Resistant
  • Custom sizes available consult with your local salesperson