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Military Tent, Container, & Cleanroom Cooling

HKE 10
The compact Weiss HKE 10 hygiene air-conditioning unit controls temperature and air humidity, it was built for climate control of an operating room integrated into a container. This unit creates acceptable hygienic conditions set forth in DIN 1946 part 4. The cooling capacity is 22 kW and has a heating capacity of 24 kW to meet standard requirements. This system has a special mounting system with buffer elements to minimize vibration and other sound transmitted to the operating rooms.
Weiss Technik partial air-conditioning units, type K1W-B, K2W-B, K4W-B were specifically created for air-conditioning telecommunications booths. Thanks to it’s compact dimensions internal installation is possible. These units protect high-end workshop equipment, protect sensitive electronics, and provide a comfortable indoor climate. This particular series of partial air conditioning units can operate at ambient temperatures of up to 55°C and has cooling capacities of up to 5.2 kW and heating capacities up to 4.35 kW.
Module-R type T-C
The Weiss Technik Module-R type T-C mobile tent air conditioning system is installed external of the tent. The evaporator module and condenser module are also arranged outside of the tent. Up to two Module-R systems can be stacked vertically.
The Weiss Technik STA 3-A brine temperature control unit was designed with antenna systems and high-end electronics in mind. The unit has two separate cooling circuits for antenna brine cooling allowing for a constant temperature of +5°C and direct temperature control of the workspace. NBC (Colpro) protection is available for this unit. Cooling and heating capacity are both 9kW.