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Product Exposure Applications

BSB Test Cabinet

Noxious Gas Test

To prove the resistance of the technical products to corrosive gases, Weiss Technik developed the corrosion test chambers cabinets series BSB. The BSB enables an exact dosage of the corrosive gases with a climate conditioned air volume. The main constituents of the corrosive, atmospheric trace elements are: sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxide (NOx), hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and chlorine gas (CL2). The basic unit consists of a test system of series Klima 3000 with 340, 600 and 1000 liters.  
The D Series chamber is constructed of 16 gauge sheet metal with an air-dried lacquer-sprayed finish. The hinged lid gives full access to the workspace and is available with the option of viewing windows. In the larger D60 model, (2) 8" to 10" fan blades are mounted in the chamber to keep the dust in an agitated state. The pressure relief vent which is provided will prevent pressure buildup within the cabinet while preventing the escape of dust material.
Weiss Technik takes the back pain out of loading test specimens in dust chambers with our removable EZ Load Front Panel, an option available on Weiss Techniks' Dust Chambers, that allows the test product to be placed on the specimen rack without having to lift it over the chamber wall and lower it on the rack. It's easy to load and easy on your back. The removable panel is held firmly in place by compression latches. The latch pressure and the front panel gasket create a positive seal that keeps the dust out of your lab and inside your chamber, where it belongs. The front Panel has been removed, allowing easy access to the specimen rack. Note: The EZ Load Panel is an option that may not be available on all models. The Weiss Technik D Series Dust Chamber is designed to test a component's resistance to a dust-filled environment as defined in SAE Dust Test Specifications J-575, Section 4.5. The product is placed on the specimen rack and dust is agitated throughout the chamber by injecting compressed air into each of the dust troughs. The dust then settles, covering the product under test. A compressed air pressure regulation system with filter and trap is provided for connection to your air supply. Air must be supplied at a minimum pressure of 80 psi and 10 CFM. The D Series' control timers allow pre-setting the agitation, the number of agitation intervals, and the number of cycles with automatic shutdown at the end of the preset number of cycles.
SC 1000/15-60 IU
The Climate-Alternating-Corrosion Test Chamber type SC 1000/15-60 IU meets the requirements of standard DIN 50 021/DIN EN ISO 9227 and allows the performance of corrosion alternating tests according to VDA Test 621-415 B with freezing ("VDA New").
SC Walk-In
In addition to the salt spray test chambers of the SC/KWT series, Weiss Technik also offers walk-in salt spray test chambers that allow for the testing of the corrosion behavior of large components.
The SC/UKWT 1000 is a performance salt fog and condensed water test chamber. The chamber has a climate extension that allows for cycles with controlled humidity and drying/ventilation as well as combination alternating tests with cycles.
Solar Climatic Series (SC3)
The SolarClimatic Series instruments are state-of-the-art test units for simulating temperature and climatic indoor and outdoor conditions with global irradiation. Influencing parameters such as global irradiation, temperature, and humidity they can be individually programmed in user configurable programs. The test chamber design of the units offers an economic alternative to large solar simulation equipment such as Walk In or Drive In Chambers.