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Testing for Lithium Battery Sources

Drive-In/Walk-In Battery Chambers
An energy storage system must be as safe as possible. External loads, caused by high or low temperatures, fast temperature changes, humidity, mechanical loads or corrosive influences, must be safe and not lead to failure or unintended reactions. Weiss Technik can help you be on the safe side. Our expertise in Electric and Hybrid vehicles environmental test chambers can help you with all your testing requirements including:
  • Comply with EUCAR Hazard Levels
  • Explosion Resistant
  • User Safety
  • Meeting increasingly stringent requirements
  • Full vehicle
  • Components
energy storage system
Li-Io for Lithium-Ion Energy Storage
External charges such as low or high temperature, fast temperature change, humidity, mechanical charges or corrosion factors should not cause them to bring about undesired effects, such as failure. As such, Weiss develops and builds state-of-the-art systems for your specific needs. A wide selection of our basic systems can be added for testing Lithium-Ion energy storage:
  • Temperature and climate¬†test chambers
  • Climate test chambers
  • Stress screening test chambers
  • Emission test chambers
  • Vibration test chambers
  • Temperature shock test chambers
  • Walk-In temperature and climate test chambers