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Testing for VOC and Formaldehyde

Under precise test conditions emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) from materials and products can be determined. This is an excellent value for the money as its development was controlled and directed by the user (WKI) and therefore meets standard VOC measurements. Scientific measures and product testing are aimed at limiting organic emissions indoors for improved consumer protection.
The system operates similar to the FAPE/+60, but is equipped with two test vessels, which can be used independently from each other. The interface displays the testing conditions of both vessels (one indication for each test vessel).

The RL SHED chamber was built to determine the emission of fuel vapors during driving. This system consists of a driver instructor unit with a ceiling mounted monitor, a dynamometer, emission analyzer, volume compensation with Tedlar foil, movable ceiling, software, and an airtight door.

Dynamometer Test:

The climate test chamber with built-in dynamometer test is fully capable of performing emission tests in accordance to European and American guidelines. Weiss Technik offers professional advice, after-sales-service and everything in between.

The Weiss Technik VT Mini Shed Chambers are used for fuel tank permeation tests or for HC emission tests in fuel carrying vehicle components. The equipment consists of a volume compensation device, explosion-proof test-space, an analyzer, lighting, a window, a refueling port and purging and safety equipment.
The VT Shed chambers are for determining evaporation on motor vehicles in accordance with EPA, CARB and EU regulations. One main feature of this test system is volume compensation with the use of a tedlar bag or moveable ceiling enabling temperature profiles to be performed with a hermetically sealed chamber without a differential pressure to enable ambient values. In addition to exhaust emissions caused by traffic, hydrocarbon vapors are also emitted when refuelling tank systems and by the vehicle itself. Due to the globalization of the automobile industry, the strict regulations of the American Environmental Protection Authorities EPA and CARB have found world-wide recognition in the specifications defining the requirements of environmental simulation technology. The SHED chambers of Weiss Technik which can be temperature conditioned comply with these requirements. Many leading automobile manufacturers and renowned suppliers repeatedly choose Weiss environmental simulation technology for very good reasons. Not least because Weiss Technik is one of the leading manufacturers of testing systems world-wide.