Endurance Pharmaceutical Test Chambers for Packaging & Life Science Products

The Endurance pharmaceutical test chambers provide temperature and humidity testing tailored for many of the stringent testing requirements for pharmaceutical and life science products. Designed and engineered to give you lasting value, performance and reliability for all your testing applications. Test chambers feature an intelligently engineered test space allowing for maximum airflow coverage and accurate gradients. The mobile design allows for greater testing flexibility.

These test chambers meet and exceed industry guidelines for testing packages, medical devices, pharmaceutical/biotech and other life science products.  Chambers support a variety of pharmaceutical testing applications including: ISTA, ASTM & ISO for package testing, FDA / ICH Q1A pharmaceutical guidelines, fast freeze rate for vaccines & bulk liquid media and accelerated/aggressive drug stability testing.

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  • Energy-saving design
  • Quiet operation
  • Small footprint
  • Optimized air flow and temperature distribution
  • Ability to Reach 98%RH @ 95C
  • Multi-Level High/Low Temperature Protection Feature
  • Anti-condensation feature – keep your product protected
  • The innovative WEBSeason® user interface allows you to program, control and monitor your tests at any time and anywhere – even from your tablet or smartphone


Model ENDH180 ENDH340 ENDH600 ENDH1000 ENDH1500
Test Space Volume
(Cu. Ft./Liters)
7/190 12/335 21/600 35/990 54/1540
Temperature Range +180°C to -40°C (+356°F to -40°F) +180°C to -40°C (+356°F to -40°F)
+180°C to -70°C (+356°F to -94°F)
Humidity Range 10% to 98%
External Width 34.2″ (870mm) 34.2″ (870mm) 43″ (1090mm) 54.7″ (1390mm) 54.7″ (1390mm)
External Depth 58″ (1475mm) 70.4″ (1790mm) 72.6″ (1845mm) 78.5″ (1995mm) 99.2″ (2520mm)
External Height 70.3″ (1785mm) 70.3″ (1785mm) 80.6″ (2047mm) 80.6″ (2047mm) 80.6″ (2047mm)


Product Features

  • Multi-pane heated window
  • Left hand hinged door
  • Two access ports
  • Built-in water reservoir
  • Mobile Design
  • Adjustable leveling casters
  • Heavy duty shelf
  • Single-handed operated door
  • Easy access panel door
  • Double gasket seal
  • S!MPAC 32-bit measuring & control system with WEBSeason touchscreen interface

Technical Data

Additional Options

  • S!MPATI Software
  • Additional Ports
  • Transformer
  • Demineralizer
  • Dry Air Purge
  • Additional options also available – Contact your local sales office



Endurance Series Temperature & Humidity test chamber from Weiss Technik that provides performance and reliability for all your Life Science & Pharma testing requirements.
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