Fitotron Standard Growth Rooms

Fitotron Standard Growth Rooms

Fitotron® Standard Growth Room (SGR) offer unsurpassed accuracy and reliability in the control of temperature, humidity and lighting. State-of-the-art program technology and energy efficient lighting systems are used which provide unequalled reliability and durability. This sustainable design offers the end-user a cost-effective solution and durability. This sustainable design offers the end-user a cost-effective solution.


Fitotron® Walk-in’ Standard Growth Rooms enable the researcher to maintain controlled growing conditions of temperature and humidity in a 24hr period with independent selection of photoperiods. A full range of ‘day/night’ cycles with ‘dawn/dusk’ effects can be programmed. Fitotron® Standard Growth Rooms allow the researcher access to most world climatic conditions whilst eliminating the variability found in nature.
SGR’s are available with growth areas from 1.4m2 to 24.5m2 and with lighting up to 500 µmol m-2s-1 plus full humidity control. Alternatively, we can design and build to suit individual requirements.


Weiss is a world leader in the design, build, installation and servicing of controlled environments, environmental test chambers and test rooms. Building on over 40 years  ofexperience, our Fitotron® Plant Growth equipment incorporates the latest developments in technology, many having been originated by the company’s own design team. Our proven innovation and design incorporates the very latest advances in state-of-the-art program technology and energy efficient lighting systems, culminating in Standard Growth Rooms with a wider performance range, greater control of conditions and with unequaled reliability and durability. Our combination of high quality components, design, and manufacturing expertise enables us to offer outstanding control performance and reassurance of the integrity of the results of temperature, humidity, light and atmospheric testing. Our policy of continual liaison with leading researchers ensures we maintain our premier position as suppliers of high quality plant growth and associated facilities. Weiss Technik UK provide a range of Fitotron® Standard Growth Rooms. Alternatively, we can design custom-fit solutions for bespoke requirements. Our wealth of experience enables us to offer services for customer’s projects including:
  •  Turn-key projects
  • On-site project management
  • Cost control management
  • Installation, commissioning and validation
  • Integration into local BMS and other facilities
  • Training of customer’s own operating and service personnel
  • Full user, client co-ordination

Specifications common to all variants

Access to growing areas
  • Personnel walkway: - 950mm
  • Material: silicone rubber
  • Temperature range
  • Maximum: +35°C
  • Minimum: - lights on +15°C
  • Minimum: - lights off +10°C
  • Change rate: +12.5°C per hour
Control tolerance - lights off
  • Stability: ±1.0°C
Humidity range
  • Maximum - lights on: 80%RH
  • Maximum - lights off: 90%RH
  • Minimum - lights on: 55%RH
  • Minimum - lights off: 60%RH
  • Stability: ±5%RH
  • Change rate: 15%RH per hour
  • Dewpoint range - lights on: 8 - 28°C
  • Dewpoint range - lights off: 8 - 26°C
  • Direction: horizontal
  • Max. velocity across shelves: 0.5m s-1
  • Fresh air exchanges per hour - max.: 4/ - min. 0
  • Programmer (C** models): diurnal controls
  • Data input: digital
  • Display: LCD
  • Monitoring of conditions: yes
  • Alarm settings: yes
  • Communications: optional
  • Program segments: 2
  • Program storage: no
  • Networking: no
  • Data collection: no
  • Programmer (P** models): eurotherm controller/programmer
  • Data input: digital
  • Display: L.C.D
  • Monitoring of conditions: yes
  • Alarm settings: yes
  • Communications: RS232
  • Networking: yes
  • Data collection: via RS232 link
  • Plant specimen protection: upper/lower
  • Chamber over-temp. protection: upper
  • Climate conditioning: integral
  • Control: 3 term - p.i.d.
  • Sensors: capacitance
  • Heating: long-life electrical resistance heater
  • Cooling: electro-mechanical
  • Cooling: medium liquid
  • Humidification: vapor generator
  • Dehumidification: dehumidification via the cooling system
External dimensions
  • Width: 2.21m
  • Depth: 1.96m
  • Height: 2.67m
  • Min. slab to roof height required: 3.4m
  • Exterior: coated steel
  • Finish: white - smooth
  • Interior: Pvf2 coated steel
Site requirements
  • Voltage: 410V +6%/-10%
  • Phase: 3
  • Configuration: star
  • Power requirement (room only): 18A
Chilled water requirements
  • Chiller ambient temperature: -5°C to +35°C
  • Maximum cooling duty required: 3.9kW
  • Chilled water flow rate required: 1200 l/hr
  • Chiller power required: 6A
Demineralized water requirements
  • Quality: 15 to 35 μScm-1
  • Pressure: 0.14 - 0.7 bar
  • Consumption: 2 l/hr
  • Drainage: 22mm pipe connection
Fitotron Standard Growth Rooms