Corrosion Salt Fog Test Chamber with Humidity

Corrosion Chambers with Recirculating Air and Alternating Climate Control Salt Event, Type SC/UKWT

Many products in daily life are exposed to corrosive atmospheres including high humidity, salty air, seawater, and gritting salt. Corrosion not only affects base metals, but also high-alloyed, tempered materials, plastics, and painted surfaces. That‘s why corrosion resistance is an important quality indicator and safety feature for many products.

The Corrosion Salt Fog Test Chamber is a performance salt fog and condensed water test chamber. The chamber has a climate extension that allows for cycles with controlled humidity and drying/ventilation as well as combination alternating tests with cycles.

  • Optimal spray distribution thanks to precision two-substance nozzles
  • Extremely stable temperatures due to a double-shell construction with internal insulation and heated compressed air humidifier with water level control
  • Adjustable flow meter and dosing device for spray solutions
  • Standard-compliant construction of the test room and the test hood: Spray solution drops prevented from falling on the samples
  • The innovative WEBSeason® user interface allows you to program, control and monitor your tests at any time and anywhere – even from your tablet or smartphone


Workspace Volume: 34 cu. ft. (1000 Liters)

Salt spray test:
5°C above ambient temperature up to +50°C

Condensed water test:
5°C above ambient temperature up to +42 °C

Climate operation:
+23°C up to +70°C

5°C above ambient temperature up to +70 °C


Product Features

  • Corrosion resistant housing made from recyclable polyethylene
  • Acrylic glass nozzle in spraying duct for optimum spray fog
  • distribution
  • Robust construction
  • Good thermal insulation; the choice of materials guarantees long service life
  • User-friendly variable positioning for test specimens
  • External heating of test chamber using safe 42 volt system
  • Test specimens may also be lifted into the test chamber by crane thanks to the lightweight test chamber hood which opens to 75°
  • Hydrostatic hood seal
  • Ergonomic arrangement of the operating panel and display instruments
  • Operation, program and set value selection via color touch panel
  • Digital set and actual value displays
  • Digital fill level display on the operating panel
  • Long-term tests are no problem thanks to the 180 liter capacity brine reservoir
  • Easily filled with brine through a front-mounted, 125 mm O filler opening
  • Ready-to-plug in, modular construction. Hence no need for assembly or commissioning on site
  • Test chamber design provides ease of service, all parts are easily accessible through the light-weight, removable machine compartment hood.


  • Salt Spray Test Chambers DIN EN ISO 9227 – DIN 50 021
  • Condensed Water Test DIN EN ISO 6270-2 – DIN 50 017 and EN ISO 6988 – DIN 50 018
  • Standard Climates DIN 50 014, clause 5 Ambient Climates


  • VW PV 1210
  • Nissan NES M0158 + M0007
  • CCT I, II, IV
  • Volvo STD 1027, 1375*
  • Volvo STD 1027, 14*
  • Toyota TSH 1555 G*
  • JASO M610-92
  • SAE J 2334
  • KWT-DC*
  • Bosch N42AP 108
  • IEC 68-2-52
  • Renault D 172028/_ _B; ECC1*

*additional options required

Standard Version

  • Digital measuring and control system Simpac*
  • Color touch panel
  • Serial interface RS 232 C
  • Precision two-component nozzle in spray duct
  • Compressed air regulation unit
  • Heated compressed air humidifier with water level control
  • Flow metering and dosing device for brine
  • Brine reservoir, 180 l
  • Test specimen bracket
  • Corrosion-resistant, stable support rods to hold the test specimen at bench height
  • Floor grid
  • Extended depth “U” profile groove on right-hand side for measuring and supply lines
  • Calibration in salt spray test (+35 °C test space temperature/+49 °C humidifier temperature)
  • Calibration in condensed water test (+40 °C test space temperature).
  • Ventilation device complying with DIN 50 014, clause 5 ambient temperature
  • Automatic water reservoir for DIN EN ISO 6270-2 [DIN 50 017 KFW] / EN ISO 6988 [DIN 50 018]
  • Test chamber floor drain with diaphragm valve for DIN EN ISO 6270-2 [DIN 50 017 KFW] / EN ISO 6988 [DIN 50 018].

Technical Data

Additional Options

  • Ventilation device for DIN 50 014, clause 5 ambient temperature (standard equipment on KWT equipment)
  • Demineralization cartridge
  • Air compressor
  • Precipitation collector
  • Precipitation measurement and display
  • Measuring cable ports, each 50 mm or 100 mm Ø, free choice of location on left, front or rear wall of the test chamber
  • Triangular window (only SC/UKWT 450)
  • SO2-gas dosing device for EN ISO 6988 [DIN 50 018] manually, automatically only possible in combination with SC/KWT equipment
  • Hood locking, safety lock switch prevents opening of hood, e. g. in case of SO2-atmosphere
  • Additional brine reservoir, 500 l
  • Interface RS 422/485 network card
  • Software package Simpati* for Windows
  • Air conditioning unit
  • Other sizes, e. g. 2,000 l, or customized accessories are available upon request
  • Brine mixing with circulation pump 200 l or 500 l


Salt Spray Corrosion SC KWT UKWT

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