In addition to the salt spray test chambers of the SC/KWT series, Weiss Technik also offers
walk-in salt spray test chambers that allow for the testing of the corrosion behavior of large

Product Features

  • Corrosion-resistant interior surfaces made of GFK, shock- and scratch-resistant
  • Exterior surface made of aluminum, white coated
  • Homogenous temperature-conditioning of test space
  • Service-friendly thanks to easily accessible functional units
  • Self-supporting hard foam elements that can be assembled on site
  • Modular design allows for different chamber sizes
  • High floor load of test space
  • Sprayed brine volume can be set and measured from outside

Additional Options

  • Individual nozzles with holder, adjusting and measuring system
  • Exhaust air fan with siphon
  • Separate brine reservoir and mixing vessel in various sizes
  • Additional air conditioning unit
  • Access ramp
  • Precipitation measurement and display
  • Climate extension DIN 50 014 (23-50-2)

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