Star Series Vibration Tables
Star Series Vibration Tables

Star Series Vibration Tables

The STAR Plus Series vibration tables has one of the most consistent acceleration levels per unit area of any table on the market today thanks to it’s patented proprietary state of the art Six Degrees of Freedom, Tri-axial, Ppneumatic vibration tables. Among other benefits, when multiple products are tested they receive almost identical vibration forces regardless of where they are mounted. The vibration of the table is monitored and controlled by a tri-axial accelerometer block. The outputs of the three accelerometers are time multiplexed, producing and average gRMS level of all three axes. (Operational temperature range for accelerometer(s) is -51.1˚C to +107˚C)

The table can be used separately from the chamber thanks to how readily the STAR Plus Series can be moved. With the “Easy Lift” actuator you can literally raise and lower the table with one finger. This duality means that the table can be used for one test, and the chamber used for a separate test, it’s like performing two tests at once!

  • Vibration level is monitored and controlled via a tri-axial accelerometer block
  • Lower operational costs thanks to efficient air usage at average vibration levels
  • Large table top can accommodate multiple fixtures or large products
  • Large number of mounting holes allows greater flexibility in mounting product
  • Table is on an Airfloat pneumatic glide system for easy removal from the chamber for maintenance and fixture or product mounting
  • “Easy-Lift” actuator switch makes raising and lowering the table or removal very easy
  • Anodized aluminum table top eliminated aluminum oxidation star-spec-sheet design & performance
  • Table can be retrofitted into any A.G.R.E.E. chamber that can handle the physical size
  • Custom sizes available consult with your local salesperson
  • Many options available - contact your local salesperson for complete list
Star Series Vibration Tables
Star Series Vibration Tables