TVC – Space Simulator 20m<sup>3</sup> (706ft<sup>3</sup>)
TVC – Space Simulator 20m<sup>3</sup> (706ft<sup>3</sup>)

TVC – Space Simulator 20m3 (706ft3)

Space simulator 20m3 (706ft3) 1.10-7 mbar

-135°C / +150°C

IR Lighting



Space and electronics  


Simulation of space conditions


Unit composed of :
  • A cylindrical vacuum chamber
  • A door on trolley
  • Door opening and closing system
  • A machinery equipped with coolant system and vacuum system
  • An electrical cabinet with power front-panel controls
  • Supervision and control using SPIRALE Vs and command by touch screen

Technical Data

Performances are given for :
  • An ambient temperature between +15°C and +35°C
  • A thermal load of 300 W
  Temperature on Shrouds
  • Temperature range : -135°C to +150°C Cooling rate : average 2°C/min from +150°C to –135°C, without specimen
  • Heating rate : average 1,5°C/min from –135°C to +150°C, without specimen
  • Temperature stability : ± 2°C
  • Temperature homogeneity : ± 3°C to ± 5°C
  • Vacuum range : From AP to 1.10-7 mbar
  • Pressure variation speed : From AP to 1.10-7 mbar in less than 8 hours, in an empty chamber, without the specimen, and at ambient temperature
Lighting IR :
2500 W/m2  
Test  space  dimensions :
Depth : 3000mm (118.1”) Diameter : Ø 2300mm (90.6” dia) Space simulator 20m3 (706ft3)