The WT3-V/WK3-V Weiss Technik testing systems represent the broad performance range of our test systems. These test systems enable you to simulate dynamic processes, mechanical as well as thermal loads, which affect components and equipment. With a total of 36 test cabinets in 3 sizes with volumes of 600, 1200, and 2200 liters, and two temperature ranges from -40 and -70 to 180°C and temperature conditioning performances of 5, 10, and 15 K/min – both with and without climate conditioning.

  • Performance optimized climate and temperature conditioning system provides for substantially higher performance data.
  • The test cabinet can be adapted to the final vibrator height on site.
  • A later adaptation to other vibrator systems can be realized.
  • No disturbing feet or supports in the vibrator area.
  • The test programs for vibration and temperature/climate profiles can be integrated via digital switch inputs and outputs.
  • Operation, monitoring and documentation of the test cabinet are realized by the control and programming Simpac.
  • Clearly arranged 8” TFT color touch screen display with simple menu guided interfaces, no programming knowledge required.
  • Integrated process visualization.
  • Data exchange via Ethernet or USB interface.
  • Monitoring and supervision are possible from each workstation if connected with LAN.
  • Optimized test space illumination with automatic timeout.
  • The refrigeration systems work with environmentally friendly refrigerants that are free from chlorine and have no ozone depleting potential (CFC free).
  • 2 stainless steel ports (125 mm Ø) are installed as standard.
  • Central supply connections in back part of the system.
  • Large and easily accessible water tank with automatic supply for humidification system (climate test cabinet only).
  • Integrated service information system.
  • Easily accessible maintenance elements guarantee minimum service times.
  • Optimum air guidance and temperature distribution by an extensive intake of supply air and extraction.
  • Extreme installation conditions – trouble free operation can be guaranteed at ambient temperatures of up to 35 °C.
  • Digital measuring and control unit Simpac with 8” color touch panel
  • Digital I/O, potential free
  • Independent, adjustable temperature limiter tmin/tmax
  • Adjustable software temperature limiter tmin/tmax
  • Ethernet interface (100/10 megabit) for integration into network
  • USB interface for direct documentation of measured data via USB stick
  • 4 potential-free outputs for specimen control, 4 inputs 24 V (DC)
  • Potential free contact for switching-off the test specimens
  • Water cooled refrigeration unit
  • Calibration of 2 temperature values
  • Removable floor with entry port
  • 2 Entry ports Ø 125 mm
  • Humidity input and display in % rel. humidity
  • Capacitive humidity measuring system
  • Water tank for humidification water
  • Automatic water replenishment with low water alarm
  • Calibration of 2 climate values
  • Software Simpati
  • Electrical vertical adjustment
  • Plain floor element
  • Additional floor elements for horizontal or vertical vibration
  • Movable design (back - forward or left- and right-hand side)
  • Adjustable circulating air quantity
  • Analogue transducer card I/O
  • Interface converter RS 232 to RS 422/485 or IEEE 488
  • Interface RS 422/485 (Network card)
  • GN2 / Compressed air connection
  • Compressed air dryer
  • Shock cooling with LN2
  • Insert shelves
  • Additional entry ports
  • Door with window
  • Notch port
  • Special voltages
  • Additional for WK3-V
  • Independent measuring sensor for temperature and humidity measuring
  • Demineralization unit
  • Further options on request