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From servers to networking equipment to sub-assembly modules, electronics all have special testing needs to ensure maximum quality. Browse our electronics testing solutions below for more information on our various chamber applications.

Drive-In/Walk-In Battery Chambers
An energy storage system must be as safe as possible. External loads, caused by high or low temperatures, fast temperature changes, humidity, mechanical loads or corrosive influences, must be safe and not lead to failure or unintended reactions. Weiss Technik can help you be on the safe side. Our expertise in Electric and Hybrid vehicles environmental test chambers can help you with all your testing requirements including:
  • Comply with EUCAR Hazard Levels
  • Explosion Resistant
  • User Safety
  • Meeting increasingly stringent requirements
  • Full vehicle
  • Components
energy storage system
DZIR 300/10/110
For the heating of glass fiber strands prior to impregnation in liquid plastic and manufacture of glass fiber reinforced plastic granulate.
EMC Test Chambers: Lab Event
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is defined as the ability of an electrical device to work satisfying in its electromagnetic environment (interference susceptibility) and with no influence on its environment in an impermissible manner (interference). The proof of not being susceptible to interference and sufficiently low interference emission is specified in the EMC directive and the EMC standards. By using the test devices of the weisstechnik® and vötschtechnik® brands, you can examine the effect of temperature on your samples and benefit from the optimal shielding effectiveness of this series during your EMC tests. The test room is designed to realize a shielding function of the internal container, i.e. the ability to reduce electromagnetic fields and surface currents. The EMC Test Cabinet is available with 20, 110 and 210 liter test space. EMC Test ChamberThe performance data at a glance  
Endurance Series
The Endurance® Series from Weiss Technik—the Fast Rate Temperature & Humidity chamber that stands alone. Designed and engineered to give you lasting value, performance and reliability for all your climate testing applications. The intelligent engineered test space design allows for maximum airflow coverage and accurate gradients. Many popular sizes available that allow you to choose the chamber that best fits your needs, while the mobile design allows for greater flexibility. Choose Ramp Rates of 3.0 C/min, 5.0 C/min, 10 C/min, and 15 C/min.
ESS Series
Available in both reach-in or cart-based versions, the ESS Series allows highly accelerated product temperature change rates through high air velocity conditioning. Weiss Technik has developed standard models that feature either our patented horizontal or vertical air flow, as different testing needs dictate that different temperature ranges, as well as change rate capabilities be readily available. Weiss Technik will equip your system with single-stage, cascade, twin-screw, LN2 boost, or LN2 cooled refrigeration systems, as well as the powerful Weiss Technik Controller/Programmer—all standard. By utilizing Quick Draw, we ensure that your product reaches set point as quickly as possible to reduce cycle times. Please review the product features below, as well as additional options and industry applications. Contact us for additional information or to request a quote.
Galaxy Series
The Galaxy™ HALT/HASS systems are integrated test chamber/vibration table packages. These chambers are outfitted with a liquid nitrogen (LN2) cooling systems in order to provide the rapid thermal change rates required to achieve maximum product stress. The vibration table is a six degree-of-freedom (6DoF) tri-axial pneumatic vibration table.
Microwave Heating and Drying Cabinets VHM Hephaistos
The newly developed VHM HEPHAISTOS is an internationally patented system and characterized by a high field homogeneity. For the first time, the advantages of microwave technology have been developed successfully to an industrially mature high technology. The high field homogeneity allows for the manufacture of high-quality CFC aircraft structures, for instance.
  • Heating
  • Drying
  • Hardening
Model ET27-1-10-WC-HAF
The ET27-1-10-WC-HAF test chamber was designed to maximize the testing capabilities for 19" rack mountable networking equipment. It was designed with right-to-left cross-chamber air flow to work with customer product by moving the air in the same direction as current customer-completed chassis designs. This helps to eliminate temperature gradients between upper and lower test tiers found in typical environmental chamber configurations. All chassis are exposed to identical temperature swings, changes, and ramp rates. Additionally, this system was designed with a single stage compressor system for ESS compatible product testing requirements between 0° and 50°C. The ET27-1-10-WC-HAF Test Chamber's small size provides a much more flexible system by allowing more rapid load turn times and less impact during chamber down time for preventive maintenance. The hole pattern in the side walls is characteristic of Techniks' patented high-velocity horizontal air flow system. All external connections typically found on other chamber designs such as water inlet/outlet and dry air purge systems have been moved inboard to protect them from accidental damage. Easy access for interconnect is provided through a 14" x 12" port which is conveniently located in the rear wall.
TS Series Horizontal
TWO ZONE, SINGLE CAPACITY (-2) (One hot zone & one cold zone) The products under test travel via a carrier basket, alternating between the hot and cold zones. TWO ZONE, DOUBLE CAPACITY (-2D) (Two hot zones & one cold zone) In the two zone, double capacity system, the cold zone is always in use, which contributes to the efficiency of the system. THREE ZONE, SINGLE CAPACITY (-3) (One hot zone, one ambient zone & one cold zone) In the horizontal three zone, the products travel via a carrier basket between the cold and ambient zones, and the hot zone travels to envelop the carrier basket.
TS Series Vertical
TWO ZONE, SINGLE CAPACITY (-2) (One hot zone & one cold zone) The products under test travel via a vertical lift elevator, alternating between the hot and cold zones. TWO ZONE, DOUBLE CAPACITY (-2D) (Two hot zones & one cold zone) In the two zone, double capacity system, the cold zone is always in use, which contributes to the efficiency of the system.
VDU 230/150/175-150°C IR
For the hardening of carbon fiber molded parts
Xceed Custom Series
The Xceed Custom Reach-In Series is the environmental test chamber from Weiss Technik that gives unlimited options. Designed, engineered, and built to your specifications the Xceed Series offers flexible temperature and humidity ranges, sizes that meet your exact testing requirement and available options that provide unmatched product testing applications.
Xcel Converto – LEEF – WEBSeason
Xcel Converto from Weiss Technik the modular test chamber system with breakthrough patent pending technologies. Click on link below for Xcel Converto video: Xcel Converto
  • Xcel Converto™ technology allows the user a modular, changeable, and expandable test chamber system resulting in reduced test set-up time, and greater flexibility for ever-changing test requirements.
  • LEEF™ (Leading Energy Efficiency Footprint) technology is a high-efficiency refrigeration system that provides unmatched performance; it features optimal temperature and humidity control accuracy for precise testing results, faster ramp rates, and up to 40% energy savings.
  • WEBSeason® is a precise user-friendly controller that offers real time multi-user multi-language programming and monitoring from any device from anywhere in the world simultaneously.