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Thermal Shock Chambers

Thermal Shock Chambers – Exposes your product testing between extreme temperatures

Weiss Technik Thermal Shock temperature chambers are designed to provide rapid transitions between HOT and COLD temperature zones.

These chambers are available in two or three zones in vertical and horizontal configurations. Other types of chambers include liquid thermal shock which provides immediate thermal shock of your product and uses perfluorinated fluid.

Thermal shock chambers are used in all industries to help find product defects in electronic components and product assemblies.

Thermal Shock Chamber Industries

These thermal shock chambers meet common test specifications including MIL-STD 883, MIL -STD 202 and a variety of other test standards such as IEC and JEDEC.

With Weiss Technik’s LEEF and LOW GWP (Global Warming Potential) technologies, our thermal shock chambers offer up to 40% energy savings and R-449A refrigerant that will future-proof your testing. The EPA AIM Act calls for a phasedown reduction of HFC  in test chambers – see how Weiss Technik is years ahead of this phasedown. LEARN MORE.

Why are Thermal Shock Chambers important?

Thermal Shock test chambers are important to help find any design defects in your products. Thermal shock chambers move a product being tested from hot to cold very quickly. Thermal test chambers can be a vertical or horizontal application. Thermal shock test chambers also include submerging your product in a liquid. The Electronic, Aerospace, and Automotive industries use thermal shock test chambers for their product testing.