TS Series Horizontal
TS Series Horizontal

TS Series Horizontal

TWO ZONE, SINGLE CAPACITY (-2) (One hot zone & one cold zone) The products under test travel via a carrier basket, alternating between the hot and cold zones. TWO ZONE, DOUBLE CAPACITY (-2D) (Two hot zones & one cold zone) In the two zone, double capacity system, the cold zone is always in use, which contributes to the efficiency of the system. THREE ZONE, SINGLE CAPACITY (-3) (One hot zone, one ambient zone & one cold zone) In the horizontal three zone, the products travel via a carrier basket between the cold and ambient zones, and the hot zone travels to envelop the carrier basket.
  • Guaranteed part temperature recovery/soak monitors the worst case part thermocouple and allows transfer only when the set-point temperature has been reached.
  • Thermal heat sinks in each zone for peak demand of heating and cooling.
  • Provides extra thermal energy to efficiently meet the MIL-STD 833H requirements.
  • Supply/return air control selection switch
  • Environmentally correct refrigerants are used that are ozone free and met all current regulatory requirements.
  • Electrically interlocking chamber doors and equipment section doors
  • Electromechanical carrier lock-out
  • Transfer alarm/jam alarm
  • Factory set over temperature controls
  • Basket automatically stops when door are opened
  • Emergency Off Button
  • Over temperature protection (hot zone)
  • Door safety limit switches
GN2 purge in cold zone minimizes build-up of frost on the cold zone coils, which extends the number of cycles which can be performed between defrosting. TC Spec Sheet
  • Dry air purge can be used when no GN2 is available at site.
  • Semi-automatic defrost system monitors the cold zone and alerts the operators when defrosting is needed. When activated, the system goes through a complete defrost cycle and re-starts the cold zone. Can run up to 1,000 cycles before defrosting may be needed.
  • LN2 boost/backup system to assist the mechanical cooling system where loads exceed system ratings or where there is a shutdown of the mechanical cooling and LN2 is used for temporary operation.
  • Noise reduction package provides sound insulation for the equipment section. Can reduce sound levels to 75 dBa
  • Precision over temperature and under temperature controls provide
  • Factory Mutual (FM) user-set control to protect the products under test.
  • Air-cooled condenser available where cooling water is not accessible for system operation.
  • Remotely located equipment packages are available. Consult the factory for configurations and specifications.
  • Custom sizes available consult with your local salesperson
  • Many options available - contact your local salesperson for complete list
TS Series Horizontal