Temperature Test Chambers & Humidity Test Chambers

Full Featured Temperature Test Chambers & Humidity Test Chambers 

Weiss Technik Temperature & Humidity test chambers offer many pre-engineered and custom sizes to fit your exact testing requirements. Available models include a wide range of temperature ramp rates, humidity levels, and many standard and optional features including temperature cycling, steady-state testing, and fast change rate. Additional options include access ports, Explosion Resistant, Quiet Mode, additional shelves, Battery Safety options, Dry Air Purge, Demineralizer Water Filter System and more.

With Weiss Technik’s LEEF and LOW GWP (Global Warming Potential) technologies, our test chambers offer up to 40% energy savings and R-449A refrigerant that will future-proof your testing. The EPA AIM Act calls for a phasedown reduction of HFC  in test chambers – see how Weiss Technik is years ahead of this phasedown. LEARN MORE.

How are Temperature and Humidity Chambers Used?

Temperature and humidity test chambers are used to simulate real-world conditions for product testing. Temperature test chambers simulate mild to extreme hot and cold conditions with temperatures as low as -70°C up to +180°C. Temperature may also be combined with humidity for temperature and humidity testing. Humidity test chambers simulate relative humidity conditions from low to high humidity up to 98% RH.

Temperature and humidity test chambers help evaluate a product’s performance and how it will withstand these conditions in its end-use environment for reliability testing and evaluation. These chambers are also used to establish the operated specifications of a product.