Assembly Test Chambers: Lab Event

Assembly Test Chambers are ideal for development and production processes of materials or electronic components that have to be tested under realistic temperature conditions to determine possible weaknesses or ageing-induced damages in advance. The high-quality workmanship and construction, with stainless steel interior and a stainless steel insert grid, ensure reliable results whether of constant temperature, temperature cycling or functional tests.

Overview of customer benefits:
• New, eco-friendly refrigerant R449A
• Space-saving with a small footprint of 1.3 m2
• The innovative WEBSeason® user interface allows you to program, control and monitor your tests at any time and anywhere – even from your tablet or smartphone



Workspace Volume: 18 cubic ft (500 liters)

Temperature Range: -60°C to +130°C

From -60°C to +100°C in just 40 min

Product Features

  • New, eco-friendly refrigerant R449A
  • WEBSeason® web-based user interface
  • Space-saving with a small footprint of 1.3 m2
  • From -60°C to +100°C in just 40 min

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