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Xceed Series Custom Environmental Test Chamber

Customized to your exact testing specifications.

Xceed Custom Temperature Humidity environmental test chambers from Weiss Technik gives unlimited options. Designed, engineered, and built to your specifications for flexible temperature and humidity ranges, sizes that meet your exact testing requirement and available options that provide unmatched product testing applications. Chambers may be customized for fast change rate applications with roll in type floors available for safe and easy loading/unloading.

  • Patented FBA (Front to Back Airflow) and FBAR (Front to Back Airflow Reversible)
  • Horizontal air flow configurations in the chamber are utilized for precise uniformity across your products and more
  • Multiple test chamber air flow configurations are available for various testing applications including
  • LEEF™ (Leading Energy Efficiency Footprint) technology is a high-efficiency refrigeration system that provides unmatched performance; it features optimal temperature and humidity control accuracy for precise testing results, faster ramp rates, and up to 40% energy savings.
  • The innovative WEBSeason® user interface allows you to program, control and monitor your tests at any time and anywhere – even from your tablet or smartphone


Model ET / EH40 ET / EH64 FBA140 FBA210 HAF32 VAF8
Test Space Volume
40 / 1132 64 / 1812 140 / 3964  210 / 5946 32 / 906 8 / 227
Temperature Range -70°C to +180°C -70°C to +180°C -70°C to +100°C -70°C to +100°C -70°C to +100°C -70°C to +180°C
Humidity Range 10%RH to 98%RH 10%RH to 98%RH
External Width 78″ (1981mm) 78″ (1981mm) 100″ (2540mm) 112″ (2845mm) 90″ (2286mm) 60″ (1524mm)
External Depth 122″ (3099mm) 135″ (3429mm) 112″ (2845mm) 119″ (3023mm) 90″ (2286mm) 74″ (1880mm)
External Height 98″ (2489mm) 98″ (2489mm) 94″ (2388mm) 94″ (2388mm) 110″ (2794mm) 101″ (2566mm)

Product Features

  • Customized to your specifications
  • Fast Temperature Change Rates
  • Higher airflow rates – More efficient testing
  • Multiple airflow options
  • Roll-In style floors for safe and easy loading/unloading
  • Many additional features and options available. Contact your local sales associate.

Technical Data



See Our Patented FBA and FBAR Video

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