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Walk-In / Drive-In Test Chambers – Getting the Most out of Your Environmental Testing

October 26, 2022 – 10AM to 11AM

Suburban Collection Showplace - Automotive Testing Expo - Jade Room in Diamond Center

The presentation will educate the audience on important elements of large Walk-In / Drive-In style environmental test chambers. Walk-In / Drive-In chambers are used in many automotive applications and are important to product development. We will discuss and review many components of environments testing including:

  • Types of Walk-In / Drive-In test chambers
  • Various options available
  • Different Applications for Walk-In / Drive-In test chambers
  • What Airflow is needed for your testing
  • Safety features for Walk-In / Drive-In test chambers
  • And MORE

There is also time at the end for Questions & Answers. Refreshments will be served. A great presentation to attend for all test and product engineers and managers. There is no cost to attend.

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