Corrosion/Salt Spray/Weathering Test Chambers

These climate altering test chambers allow you to test weathering elements, such as salt spray and corrosion. Learn more about our various series, including Weiss Technik North America SC Walk-In, Solar Climatic Series, BSB Test Cabinet, and more.

The Climate-Alternating-Corrosion Test Chamber type SC 1000/15-60 IU meets the requirements of standard DIN 50 021/DIN EN ISO 9227 and allows the performance of corrosion alternating tests according to VDA Test 621-415 B with freezing (“VDA New”).
Solar test chamber. See features below.
In addition to the salt spray test chambers of the SC/KWT series, Weiss Technik also offers walk-in salt spray test chambers that allow for the testing of the corrosion behavior of large components.
The SC/KWT series is a climate-alternating chamber allowing for reproducible, accelerated corrosion testing in compliance with the requirements of DIN, ISO, ASTM, DEF, MIL-STD, etc. The wide-angle top loading test chamber hood helps with loading heavy, or bulky test specimens. Two sizes are available.
The SC/UKWT 1000 is a performance salt fog and condensed water test chamber. The chamber has a climate extension that allows for cycles with controlled humidity and drying/ventilation as well as combination alternating tests with cycles.
The SolarClimatic Series instruments are state-of-the-art test units for simulating temperature and climatic indoor and outdoor conditions with global irradiation. Influencing parameters such as global irradiation, temperature, and humidity they can be individually programmed in user configurable programs. The test chamber design of the units offers an economic alternative to large solar simulation equipment such...
Sun Event – Test Whatever You Like Direct sunlight, heat, cold and humidity – many small and large items of day-to-day life are subject to different environmental influences. They affect the service lives and operating lives of the items. They cause colours to fade and accelerate the ageing of materials. For many products, a light...