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Your Global Partner

For Environmental Test Chambers

Let Weiss Technik help you in all your environmental testing requirements.

We have pre-engineered and custom test chamber solutions that fit your exact testing applications

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Stand the test of time.

Weiss Technik Test Chambers

The Weiss Technik brand provides the most innovated designs, advanced engineering, and future-proof technology in the world.


Test Chambers

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Test Chambers

Weiss Technik provide the most complete product portfolio in the market

endurance series temperature environmental test chamber

Reach In Temperature Humidity

drive in environmental test chamber



Thermal Shock Chambers

vibration environmental test chamber


endurance series temperature environmental test chamber

In Stock & Rental Testing Chambers

pharmastability environmental test chambers

Pharmaceutical, Life Science
& Stability

altitude and vacuum test chamber

Space Simulation

industrial heating and drying oven

Heat Technology/Ovens

xtreme environmental chamber controller

Controllers and Software

ww series walk in chamber with motorcycle

Specialty Environmental Test Chamber Solutions

Stand the test of time.At Weiss Technik wer’e thinking ahead–for your business, your people, and the innovative ideas you’ll eventually put to the test. Rest assured, as standards change and as technology advances, your long-lasting testing equipment won’t hold you back. In fact, when you partner with Weiss Technik, it will only propel you into the future.Learn More
Are you testing tomorrow’s innovations with yesterdays technology.Unlike others in the industry, Weiss Technik innovates and engineers for the many years ahead of u—for products and technologies that don’t even exist yet. Some call this future-proofing. We call it a serious competitive advantage for your business.Learn MoreIs your testing partner as global as you are?Weiss Technik has 22 subsidiariesLearn MoreImpact your business more… and the environment less.At Weiss Technik, our unique energy efficient designs and extremely low GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerants protect the planet while boosting your bottom line. It’s a win-win—for the future of the earth and the future of your business.Learn MoreThe only thing we test is everything.The industry’s largest product portfolio
belongs to Weiss Technik. And we customize everything, meaning your options are truly endless. By asking the right questions, we build a system based on your business, its unique needs, and the needs you’ll encounter in years to come.Learn More


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