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Reliable Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Photostability Test Chambers
  • Stability Test Walk-in Chamber
  • Stability Test and Climate Chambers
  • Stability Test Chambers
  • DKD calibration labratory as per ISO 17025 for in-house and on site calibrations regarding the measurement parameters of temperature and humidity.
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  • Open Containment Systems
  • Closed Containment Systems as tables or free worktables for
    • Weighing
    • Refilling
    • Sampling
    • Labratory work with high potent API
  • House-in-house systems
  • Active personnal and material air locks
  • Laminar flow untits
  • Isolators/vario-isolators
  • Lifting columm
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GMP Clean Rooms - Only Available in Europe Pharma Pharma
  • Hot air sterilization for continuous dry heat sterilization
  • Heat and drying ovens
  • Vacuum drying ovens
  • Explosion protected heat and drying ovens
  • Continuous oven in clean room design
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