Dry Rooms – Air Dehumidification Systems

Based on its many years of experience in environmental simulation technology, Weiss Technik configures Dry Rooms and air dehumidification systems for battery cell production. In the production of high-performance lithium-ion batteries for electric drives, a constantly dry room climate is one of the key technologies.

Weiss Technik Air Dehumidification Systems are executed as individual special plant solutions for specific industrial air drying processes. The central functional component of every system is the adsorption rotor or desiccant drying wheel. Here the expected air flow is guided through a structure of glass fiber, coated with chemically ligated silica gel and metal silicate. The process planning ensures a dehumidification result on a targeted value. In a sectional counter flow the stored water is discharged by a heated airflow. With this a continuous dehumidification process is realized. On individual demand the dehumidification process can be combined with conventional air conditioning steps, which enables the realization of high productive, autarkic working air conditioning plants.

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A reduction of humidity in production facilities is the key to long-lasting and powerful lithium-ion batteries.  Dry Rooms from Weiss Technik dehumidify the room air in battery cell production to a residual water content of up to 0.001 grams per kilogram of air. This corresponds to a dew point of -70 degrees Celsius.  To keep the production climate constant under all conditions, the battery cell production chambers are hermetically sealed off from the outside climate. Dry room systems from Weiss Technik first cool down the ambient air in the production area, whereby a large part of the moisture condenses. In a second stage, specially coated drying wheels remove the residual moisture until the desired value is reached. To keep the climate in the drying chamber system constant under all conditions, the system generates a slight overpressure. This protects the chamber from the penetration of more humid outside air.



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