EC Series - Cement & Concrete Test Chamber


  • Cement & Concrete Test Chamber – Reliable Testing
  • Equipped with both dry and submerged storage
  • Stainless steel construction workspace area accessible through large fully hinged doors.
  • Removable stainless steel wire shelves and 6”-deep removable cement curing trays
  • Top tanks fully equipped with a sampling valve in the front.
  • The EC Series Moist Cabinet/Curing Chambers are specifically designed for use in the making and curing of hydraulic cement and concrete test specimens and is equipped with both dry and submerged storage.

    Its large workspace has an operating temperature range of 15.6° C to 37.8° C and humidity range of 90% to 98% R.H. as limited by a +14° C dewpoint temperature. Temperature control is maintained through a Partlow 7000 controller/recorder and humidity is controlled with a solid state R.H. transmitter/sensor.

    Access to each stainless steel construction workspace area is through large fully opening hinged doors. Each access area holds stainless steel wire shelves and 6″ deep cement curing trays.

    »Conforms to ASTM C 511-19 Section 6 for Moist Cabinets

    Top and bottom curing trays have a Fill/Drain fixture located at the back/bottom of the tray (as shown in the detail photo above) which helps to simplify the draining, precipitate removal, cleaning, and refilling process. The top tanks also have a sampling valve in front. The center trays have a drain only.

    Each tray also has an overflow outlet which allows overflow to drain to a lower tray. The overflow drains back to the main chamber reservoir, keeping the solution in circulation. The water reservoir in the chamber base also has an inlet/outlet drain for easy cleaning.

    The EC Series uses a one HP single-stage refrigeration system utilizing “environmentally friendly” refrigerant HP62 (R404A) and a local air-cooled condenser. EC Series Moist Cabinet/Cement Curing Chambers are available in 20, 40, 70, and 100 cubic foot models*. Other size chambers available upon request.

    *workspace area is approximate The EC Series conforms with ASTM C 511-19 Section 6 for Moist Cabinets



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