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HKE 10


The compact Weiss HKE 10 hygiene air-conditioning unit controls temperature and air humidity, it was built for climate control of an operating room integrated into a container. This unit creates acceptable hygienic conditions set forth in DIN 1946 part 4. The cooling capacity is 22 kW and has a heating capacity of 24 kW to meet standard requirements. This system has a special mounting system with buffer elements to minimize vibration and other sound transmitted to the operating rooms.

Product Features

  • Low weight, welded aluminum frame
  • Welded, gas-proof temperature control space (ABC operation possible)
  • Electromagnetic compatible in accordance with VG 95374
  • Vibration and impact-resistant in accordance with VG 95332
  • Mounting system with buffer elements for minimizing vibration and solid-borne sound transmission
  • Air distribution system with integrated particulate filters
  • Air distribution system with integrated HEPA filters
  • Regulated humidification and dehumidification of air in the room with integrated humidifier
  • Optional NBC protection system
  • Easy installation
  • Service-friendly
  • Easy operation

Supply scope

  • Full air conditioning system
  • Mounting system
  • Operating panel
  • Hygienic outlet
  • Lint screen
  • Sand filter

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