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The Weiss K29W-A is a partial air conditioning unit designed to be used in containers with radar systems and other high-end electronics. The unit is mounted with flanges to the outside of the container, and has been specifically designed not to interfere with the radar system of other electronics. The unit has an integrated NBC protection (ColPro) to ensure decontaminated fresh air as well as coming equipped with a splinter guard. The unit is controlled with an interior control panel utilizing the intelligent ‘Weiss defense control’.

Product Features

  • Tested to be vibration-resistant and shock-proof in accordance with MIL standard
  • Electromagnetic compatible
  • Aluminum shell and frame
  • Welded gas-proof temperature control space (ABC operation possible)
  • NBC-protective ventilation system integrated into the air conditioning system
  • Modular construction for easy exchanging of components
  • SPS controller with LWL transmission
  • Integrated shrapnel protection
  • Simple installation
  • Easy to operate
  • No-hassle maintenance

Supply scope

  • Air conditioning system with integrated mounting frame and NBC-protective ventilation
  • Control panel
  • Connecting box
  • Sound damping hood
  • Weather protection hood

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