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LT/LH Series


Compact, quiet, yet powerful units are required to tackle special laboratory conditions that include limited space, even smaller specimens and the need to conduct tests directly at the workplace. Temperature and climatic testing aims to prove the resistance capability of test specimens to the environmental influences of temperature and temperature, combined with humidity (climatic testing).

As tests concentrate on the durability of materials and substances under extreme conditions, as well as malfunctions of component. The LT & LH series of temperature and climatic test chambers are ideally suited to such applications. Reductions in the effectiveness of substances can be detected at an early stage and thus already eliminated in the development phase.

These systems have a volume of 34 L, 64 L and 100 L respectively and provide an optimum solution where space is limited. Please refer to the Technical Data table for the most important technical details.

Product Features

  • Visually attractive with large windows
  • Space-saving and Compact with optimized test chamber volumes
  • Powerful, suitable for a broad range of applications involving temperature and relative humidity
  • Quiet, suitable for laboratory work environment
  • Easy handling with a variety of options

»Standard Equipment:

  • 32-bit S!MPAC Touchscreen Controller Communication System
  • Potential-free contact for switching-off of test specimens
  • Independent adjustable temperature limiter tmin/tmax
  • Psychrometric humidity measuring sensor (LH models only)
  • USB Interface
  • Large workspace viewing window
  • Test space illumination
  • 1 Access port 50 mm Ø
  • 1 Shelf
  • Air-cooled refrigeration unit
  • Steam humidification (LH models only)
  • Calibration of 2 temperature and 2 humidity values with Certificate (LH models only)


  • Software S!MPATI*
  • Temperature measuring on test specimen
  • Capacitive humidity sensor
  • Interface IEEE 488
  • Networking (RS 485 interface)
  • Interface RS 232
  • Compressed air dryer
  • Additional access ports
  • Additional Shelves
  • Base frame with wheels
  • Automatic water supply
  • Demineralizer (LH models only)
  • Special voltage

»Temperature Range:

LT series:

  • 4000 Models: -40°C to +180°C
  • 7000 models: -70°C to +180°C

LH series:

  • 00XX Models: +10˚C to +180˚C
  • 4000 Models: -40°C to +180°C
  • 7000 models: -70°C to +180°C

»Humidity Range

LH series:

  • 10% to 98% relative humidity

»Workspace Sizes:
34, 64 and 100 Liter sizes are available

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