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The Weiss Technik M.C.S. walk-in test chamber comprises a machine unit and a test chamber. The machine unit is assembled and tested in the assembly plant of Weiss GmbH before it is connected to the on-site test chamber. It is then calibrated and commissioned.

The Concept

  • Faster – shorter delivery times
  • Less expensive – standardized components
  • More flexible – dimple final installation
  • More efficient – top performance data


  • Stability tests
  • Temperature tests in the range – 40 … + 80 °C
  • Climate tests
  • Temperature and alternating climate tests

Product Features

  • 12″ TFT-color touch screen display for easy input of fixed values and program operation with graphic representation of set and actual values, operating time and residual number of cycles including help functions.
  • Program memory for up to 100 programs with a total of 1000 program sections
  • Software support of the 4 potential-free switching inputs and outputs
  • Integrated threshold value monitoring system for temperature and humidity (humidity control only for climate version)
  • Inspection system provides information on interruptions in operation and establishes the operating times and cycles of individual system components
  • Serial interface RS 232 C, galvanically isolated for connection to a host computer system (e.g. notebook operating terminal) or for linking purposes
  • Observation window (H 600 x W 450 mm)
  • Lighting (IP 65)
  • Stainless steel floor
  • Access ports (Ø 50 and Ø 125 mm)
  • Control system S!MPAC*
  • 12˝ TFT-color touch screen display
  • Test specimen protection
  • Water-cooled condenserOptional software package S!MPATI* for recording and evaluating measurement results, monitoring the test system and linking several systems
  • Speed-controlled fans
  • Entry door (H 1900 x W 900 mm)

Additional Options

  • Steam generation system
  • Capacitive humidity measuring system
  • Protection against condensation


  • Air-cooled condenser
  • Software package S!MPATI*
  • LAN/Ethernet connection
  • Demineralization unit
  • Additional access ports
  • Additional temperature sensors
  • Additional observation window
  • Data logger
  • Sound-proof machine unit
  • Special voltages
  • Adjustable circulating air quantity (adjustable fan speed)
  • Dehumidification during heating cycles

Further options available upon request.

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