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Remote Conditioners – ECA

Remote Conditioners or Equipment Cooling Air units are used to deliver temperature conditioned air to remote enclosures. These chambers are used to temperature condition products during physical tests, assemblies with moving devices or with special fixtures.  They can also be used to add additional performance capacity to existing systems. The test chambers offer another alternative to test products in a separate enclosure that may not fit into a traditional chamber. Conditioned air is delivered through insulated ducts from the ECA unit to the remote enclosure as a closed loop system. Our Remote Conditioners may also be utilized as a stand-alone test chamber for even greater flexibility!

The innovative WEBSeason® user interface allows you to program, control and monitor your tests at any time and anywhere – even from your tablet or smartphone.

Some applications include:

  • Testing drivetrains
  • Testing gearboxes
  • Brake tests
  • Tensile and compression tests
  • Integration into electric motor test rigs
  • Testing construction materials
  • Clutch tests
  • Testing turbochargers
  • Testing fuel cells


Temperature Range:
Single Stage: -30C to +180C
Cascade: -70C to +180C

Humidity Range (optional):
10% RH to 98% RH

A wide variety of standard and custom sizes
Available with a range of blower sizes and air flow rate capabilities (450 CFM, 700CFM standard)
Optional LN2 boost or LN2 cooling

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