Spray & Splash Test Chamber


The SWT Spray & Splash testing equipment is for testing the protection of housings against water penetration. The SWT tests in accordance to DIN VDE 0470 T1, EN 60529 and for protection code testing (IP-Code). The SWT has a test timer, this allows for the test cycle to be automated with a time-table of 3 seconds to 30 hours. With integrated circulation equipment cater consumption is reduced to a minimum.

Product Features

The Spray and Splash Water Test Systems can perform tests according to the following standards. However, standardized special options are sometimes necessary to fulfill these.

  • DIN EN 60 529-1:2000
  • DIN EN 60 034-5:2001
  • DIN 40 050-9:1993
  • DIN IEC 68, T2-18, method Rb 2.1
  • SAE Standard J575, 1993 (option)
  • JIS D 0203 – 1994, Tests R1/R2/S1/S2 (option)
  • MIL-STD-810F, Method 506.4 (option)

With the Weiss standard Spray and Splash Water Test Systems tests according to IP X3 and IP X4 can be performed. Picture 1 shows a principle sketch of a test according to DIN EN 60 529.


  • IP X1/X2 (drip device, Option)
  • IP X3/X4 (swiveling tube, Standard)
  • IP X3/X4 (spray head, Option)
  • IP X5/X6  (jet nozzle, Option)
  • IP X9K (high pressure jet nozzle, Option)

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