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Thermal Vacuum Chamber – TVC

Dynavac thermal vacuum systems simulate the harsh conditions of space. As a trusted partner of aerospace companies, we support all aspects of flight testing and space simulation from hardware space qualification to bakeout, from smallsats to large satellites or manned space capsules. Systems replicate a wide variety of environmental conditions for the test and qualification of space flight hardware.

Dynavac offers both highly configurable standard platforms and fully custom systems to meet unique test requirements. These systems and applications include:

  • Thermal Vacuum & Cycling Testing – complete standard and customized solutions
  • Electric Propulsion Testing – develop, test and qualify electric thrusters
  • Vacuum Bake Out – removes volatiles and contaminants in preparation for flight
  • Heat flux enclosures
  • Cold/heat plates

Complete space simulation systems

Dynavac’s full array of equipment and components covers your flight hardware testing needs: market leading controls, thermal hardware including heat flux cages and cold plates, data acquisition, and a large selection of accessories.


  • Sizes: benchtop to large field-constructed test chambers from 1ft to 40ft+
  • Thermal vacuum chambers may be cylindrical, cube/rectangular or D-shaped
  • Working pressure levels of <1E-06 Torr
  • Wide range of thermal control methods and hardware
  • Ultra-high vacuum designs available
  • Payload support structures and carts
  • Vibration isolation strategies


Product Features

Thermal control

  • Liquid nitrogen, closed-loop gaseous nitrogen, mechanical refrigeration, and gaseous helium cooling systems matched to cold temperature and thermal profile requirements
  • Single or multi-zone thermal shrouds
  • Radiant heating available
  • Actively controlled thermal platens


Controls & Instrumentation

  • Industry-leading fully integrated control system with intuitive operator HMI
  • Embedded PLC controller ensures system reliability and safe operation
  • Data logging and remote diagnostics standard
  • Auxiliary Thermal Control and Power Systems
  • Thermal Data Acquisition Systems to monitor temperatures of spacecraft


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