Thermal Vacuum Chamber – TVC

Weiss Technik’s thermal vacuum chambers support space development facilities simulating extreme flight programs for testing highly stressed components, conforming test standards such as DO160 or MIL-STD-810.

Testing space flight equipment before the first flight into space is a prerequisite to be able to predict the behavior of these valuable components and is done by simulating space conditions. Our Thermal Vacuum Chambers accurately reproduce outer space conditions and thus allow testing in a completely controlled environment.

  • Independent thermal zones
  • Secondary vacuum pumping system: turbomolecular or cryogenic pump
  • Cooling system: mechanical, liquid or gaseous nitrogen
  • Powerful supervision software (Spiral VS)



  • Volume: from 100L to 50m3 Volume level: down to 10-7 mbar
  • Temperature range: -185°C to +165ºC
  • Temperature change rate: up to 5ºC/min
  • Temperature uniformity: up to ±1ºC
  • Temperature stability: up to ± 0.5ºC

Our high-performance pump systems can reach a vacuum of up to 10-7 mbar. Liquid nitrogen, which circulates in the temperature vacuum cabinet produces temperatures from -185 °C to +165 °C.

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