The VVT vacuum drying ovens are remarkable for reduced drying times by optimizing drying conditions for light, powdery products. Products from almost all branches of industry can be dried in a vacuum drying oven.

Product Features

  • Heat-sensitive mediums (e. g. pharmaceutical products) are dried with care
  • Reduced drying times by lowering the pressure within the chamber
  • Due to the extremely low remaining oxygen content in the drying oven there are no oxidation processes
  • Evaporating fluids (e. g. solvents) can be recovered
  • Optimum drying conditions for light, powdery products as there is no convection
  • No “skin-forming” on the product being dried; thereby providing constant drying performance
  • Economic because steam or warm water from other processes can be used as a heat medium
  • Flexible heating


  • Use of special materials for all components that come into contact with evaporating fluids (e. g. Inconel, Hasteloy)
  • Combination with recirculation air for heating up of products at normal atmosphere
  • Design in accordance with GMP-/FDA
  • Qualification documents are issued as verification of our tests
  • In order to avoid condensation in the drying oven, the door and walls can be heated
  • Pneumatically-controlled doors for the automatic loading of the drying oven
  • Designed for high-vacuum processes
  • Special dimensions
  • Special vacuum pumps
  • S!MPATI* Software
  • Digital pressure display
  • Pressure control in conjunction with a solenoid valve in the suction line
  • Temperature sensor for product being dried
  • Nitrogen supply for quick extraction of released vapor
  • For aggressive solvents: door seals of viton or with FEP cover
  • External housing with surrounding frame for installation in wall

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