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VVT 110/170 EA


Vacuum Dryer for drying of components used in the aerospace industry (engines, valves etc.)

Product Features

  • Outer housing made of stainless steel, material no. 1.4301
  • Inner housing made of stainless steel, material no. 1.4571
  • Electrical external heating (jacket heating)
  • Floor with surface mounted rails
  • SIMPATI* software
  • Vacuum pump system, Trivac D65B with fine vacuum adsorption trap
  • Platform trolley 650 kg
  • Auxiliary trolley


  • Telescopic rail underneath the working chamber ceiling for suspending heavy components of max. 250 kg.
  • External working chamber lighting
  • N2 ventilation/flooding valve
  • Pressure sensor
  • Flexible temperature sensor
  • Regeneration device for fine vacuum adsorption trap

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3881 N. Greenbrooke Dr. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512

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