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WEBSeason: The Controller Designed by and for End-Users

Designed by end users, WEBSeason utilizes state-of-the-art web technology that exceeds the requirements for today’s industrial standards. The look and feel is comparable to a mobile device- with swiping, 2-finger zoom, and quick response, making it easy to use.


WEBSeason – Full Feature Benefits for your testing.

  • Real Time Interface
  • Multi-User
  • Multi-Language
  • Connect from any Web-Based Device
  • Access from Anywhere Around the Globe
  • 7″ and 10″ Screens Available

Product Features

  • Touch Panel – Auto dimming, capacity sensing
  • Program Memory – 100 programs maximum
  • Program Controller – Start parameters for programs: immediate, delayed, real time, pause
  • PID controller – Special control algorithms, define/change per outlet demands
  • Segments – 100 per program (maximum)
  • Program Cycles/Loops – 9999 maximum/ (250 nested)
  • Switch Inputs (Digital) – 2 (load max. 24 V-DC, approx. 30 mA)
  • Switch Outputs (Digital) – 8 (potential-free contacts or 24 V-AC)
  • Password Protection – 3 levels, to prevent accidental changes
  • Limit Value Monitoring System – For temperature and humidity
  • Display Units – Switchable between imperial/metric
  • Diagnostic System – For information on operating times and possible operating failures
  • Serial Interface (Option) – For connection to a host computer system (i.e optional S!MPATI Remote software, S!MPATI Timelabs, or 3rd-party network)
  • TCP/IP Ethernet Interface – For communication with 3rd-party software
  • Multi-Language Display – 10 languages (selectable) including English, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Koran, Russian, Polish, Czech, and Spanish



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