The WT/WK series of walk-in temperature and climate test chambers are especially developed for large test specimens. Size and design mean optimal loading of test specimens. The modular construction and variability in size and equipment is ideally for costumer specific application.

Product Features

  • Touch panel for the convenient input of fixed values and programming with graphic depiction of nominal and real values, operating time, remaining cycles etc., including help functions
  • Program memory for up to 100 programs with a total of 1000 sections
  • Software support for potential-free inputs and outputs
  • Password protection, two-stage, to avoid unintentional alteration
  • Integrated limit value monitoring system for temperature and humidity
  • Inspection system provides information on malfunctions and collects operating time data and switching frequency of individual system components

Standard Version

  • Special conditioning system in climate working range for high temperature and humidity constancy (for Type WK)
  • 2 access ports, 50 mm each, located beside the door
  • Adjustable upper and lower temperature safety cut-out as per EN 60 519-2 (1993) with separate sensor, thermal safety class 2
  • Non-contact switching of heater
  • Water-cooled condenser
  • Environmentally-friendly refrigerant with relative ozone depletion potential = 0
  • Touch panel with simple, menu-controlled operation (no programming knowledge required)
  • Self-monitoring, digital 32 bit measuring and control system Simpac*
  • Machine units with self-monitoring system, extended operation circuitry for lifetime optimization of refrigeration compressors
  • Ethernet/LAN interface for integration into network

Additional Options

  • Simpati* software package
  • Observation window 600 x 400 mm or larger (surface heated)
  • Demineralization unit for humidifier water
  • Freely adjustable air circulation fan speed
  • Other voltages and frequencies
  • Additional Pt 100 sensors
  • Temperature range extension to +150 °C
  • Dew point extension with drier
  • Sound insulation for refrigeration unit
  • Ramp
  • Psychrometric humidity measuring system
  • Air-cooled condenser
  • Additional access ports available on request (50, 80 and 125 mm Ø)
  • Green mode
  • Bigger walk-in door

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