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Xtreme Series




The Xtreme™ Series from Weiss Technik provides more power for your tough testing applications. Xtreme provides ESS (Environmental Stress Screening) conditions in a 5C°/10C°/15C° per minute change rate. Available in a wide range of sizes, one to fit any testing requirement.

Product Features

  • S!MPAC* control and monitoring system
  • USB and Ethernet interface
  • Multi-Level High/Low Temperature Protection Feature
  • Anti-Condensation Feature – Keep your product protected
  • ISO9001, A2LA and UL508A Certified
  • Adjustable software temperature limiter (min/max)
  • Stainless steel entry ports with slotted foam-silicone sealing plug and complete silicone sealing plug.
  • Door that includes a large observation window fully equipped with test space lighting. Multi-pane heated.
  • Stainless steel shelf
  • Water-cooled refrigeration unit
  • Self-cleaning psychrometric humidity measurement that is continually moistened
  • Built-in water reservoir
  • Adjustable leveling casters
  • Double gasket seal
  • Includes connection for automatic water replenishment
  • Safety device for all test specimens with an independent, and adjustable temperature limiter

Additonal Options

  • S!MPATI* Software
  • S!MPATI* TimeLabs
  • Interface RS 232. Additional available.
  • Interface converter from RS 232- IEEE488/GPIB/IEC625
  • Additional digital I/O
  • Temperature measurement on the test specimen
  • Adjustable circulating air quantity with adjustable fan speed
  • Equipment for purging the test space with GN2/Compressed air connection
  • Pair of hand holes with silicon glovers (Above 600I)
  • Compressed air dryer
  • Additional sensors available
  • Additional stainless steel shelves available
  • External air-cooled refrigeration unit
  • Special voltages
  • Extensions for special test specifications
  • Independent sensors for temperature and humidity measurements
  • Humidity controls via the capacitive humidity measuring system.
  • Deep dehumidification functions for negative dew points
  • Demineralization unit upon request
  • Compressed air dryer
  • Additional entry ports available

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