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ZKB 15/10 MFA –RR 1B


The Weiss ZKB 15/10 MFA-RR 1b air conditioning unit has been developed to condition air within medical and rescue tents in addition to fully equipped operating tents. This particular unit has been tested and adheres with DIN 1946-2008-12 and conforms to cleanroom class 1b. The unit is equipped with a three stage HEPA with a HEPA filter.

This unit has a cooling capacity maximum of 11kW and a heating capacity of up to 7.2kW. This system can be optionally enhanced with a fuel powered heating capacity of up to 30 kW. Even with an external temperature of -32°C, comfortable temperatures can be reached. The heat-carrying medium is used for the transfer of heat into the tent where it is provided to the ventilation system. This prevents emissions from entering the tent.

Product Features

  • Split design
  • Cleanroom 1b approval with HEPA filter box as option
  • NBC protection/Colpro available
  • Construction possible as a complete system (all modules outside of the tent) or as a split system (evaporator module inside the tent)
  • Operation as fresh air or air circulation system possible
  • Plug-in system
  • Safe operation at external temperatures down to -32°C with fuel-powered heating (30kW); no CO measurement required
  • Safe cooling at external temperatures of up to +58°C
  • Multi-stage air filtration possible

Operation modes

  • Cooling/heating (electrical) or only blowing without temperature
  • control of heating with optional heating module

Standard Version

  • Condenser and evaporator module
  • Installation as a complete system (all modules outside the tent) or a split-system (evaporator module inside the tent) possible
  • Operation as a fresh air or a recirculating air system possible
  • Compact construction with an additional transport frame
  • Design with aluminum panels, colored RAL 6031
  • Easy transport with integrated handles
  • Easy maintenance via big and easy removable covers
  • Connection finished system integrates a fully hermetic refrigerant circuit with a scroll compressor (condenser module) and an airflow section with filter, cooler and supply fan (evaporator module)
  • Evaporator module pre-installed with glycolheater and couplings to operate with optional heating module
  • Compressor equipped with soft starter (only ZKB 10/6 MFA)
  • Condenser and evaporator module connected by flexible hoses with quick release self-sealing couplings, length of 5 m
  • Integrated rotary field watchdog with a manual switch (only ZKB 15/10 MFA)
  • Control panel with switches, lamps, thermostat with cable (10 m) and plug to place inside the tent
  • Power connection cable (15 m) with plug
  • Special condensate drain system with flexible pipe, length of 5 m
  • Condenser fan speed controlled
  • Integrated lightning protection installed
  • Easy connection to an air distribution system (inside the tent) possible

Additional Options


  • Frame with wheels, to install at the existing transport frame at the modules


  • Electric heater, installed in the evaporator module to compensate the temperature difference between night and day
  • Separate heating module as a fuel heater (Diesel) with complete water-glycol circuit with pump, fuel lance for 20 l jerry can, waste gas pipe and glycolhoses with quick release self seating couplings, 5 m long.


  • Air inlet filter G3 (metal, cleanable), integrated in the evaporator module
  • Air inlet filter F5 or F7, integrated in the evaporator module
  • Sand protection housing or sand filter to be installed at the evaporator module (placed outside the tent)

Supply air hose system (evaporator module outside the tent)

  • External insulated flexible air hose, length of 4.5 m colored black (other length possible)
  • Air hose connector to be installed at the evaporator module

Air distribution system (inside the tent)

  • Air hose system of Trevira CS, designed to be installed inside the tent
  • Air hose connector for connection on top of the evaporator module

Additional parts

  • Softstarter for compressor
  • Earthing kit
  • Tool to connect cooling pipes

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Grand Rapids, MI 49512

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