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ZKB 20/18 ZKB 20/18-B


The Weiss ZKB 20/18 and the ZKB 20/18-B series are mobile air conditioning systems that have been specifically designed for mobile cleanrooms, command posts, and medical/rescue tents. These systems will operate reliably even at temperatures reaching up to +60° C with a cooling capacity up to 18 kW. The ZKB 20/18 comes standard with a patented fuel-powered heating capacity of up to 30 kW. Even with an outside temperature of -32°C tents can be comfortable for those inside. The heat-carrying medium is used to transfer heat into the tent where it is then supplied into the ventilation system. This indirect heating system prevents emissions from entering the tent space.

Product Features

  • Vibration and shock-resistant tested unit under VG 95332, severity level 5
  • Modular installation for easily replacing components
  • Casing and frame made from aluminum, thus reducing weight
  • Compact design with transport frame
  • Operation as a fresh air or a recirculating air system possible
  • Electric heater optional with fuel heater available
  • Water/glycol mixture provides fuel-powered indirect heating, CO monitoring not required
  • Design closed from above, therefore no rain, snow and pollution contamination
  • Reliable operation at external temperatures of up to +60°C

Supply scope

  • Basic unit
  • Air supply hose, insulated
  • Control panel incl. thermostat

Additional Options

  • Multifunctional transport box
  • Air distribution system
  • F7 Filter inside basic unit
  • H13 Filter box
  • Soft starter for compressor

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Grand Rapids, MI 49512

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