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Drive In Climate Test Chamber with Dynamometer

Our dynamometer drive-in test chambers interface with a dynamometer test platform and simulate temperature or humidity conditions for full vehicle testing where power, exhaust measurements and fuel consumption tests are conducted under pre-defined ambient conditions by transferring the driving or braking torque of the wheels onto a roller. The temperature or humidity required for each test can be set using the control system for environmental simulation.

  • The innovative WEBSeason® user interface allows you to program, control and monitor your tests at any time and anywhere – even from your tablet or smartphone


Temperature Range

  • -68°C to +85°C (Optional to +150°C)

Humidity Range

  • 20% to 95% relative humidity +65°C maximum dry bulb temperature, limited by a +4.5°C minimum dewpoint temperature.
  • Extended ranges available


Product Features

The completely self-contained roll-up conditioning modules include heating, cooling, instrumentation, and air circulation equipment. These versatile modules can be utilized for various applications as required. The modules can typically be completely operational in one day.

  • Dual air circulation through blowers with solid steel jack shafts
  • Water-cooled cascade refrigeration system
  • Nichrome wire heating elements with fail-safe fusible link
  • Solid state heat switching
  • Compatible with four post simulators or dynamometer
  • Nominal 4-inch, rigid urethane insulation (thicker panels optional)
  • Interior lighting provided in vapor-proof fixture with external control switch (special lighting systems are available)
  • Moisture-Vapor Seal: all joints between panel sections factory fitted with double gaskets
  • Flush-type door with thermostatically controlled perimeter gasket, heated to remain dry and frost-free; standard clear opening 34-inches wide and 78-inches high (larger doors optional)
  • Door hardware includes cam lift, self-closing, chrome-plated door latch with inside safety release
  • Floor loading of up to 600 pounds per square foot with spreader plates available for higher point loading conditions

Additional Options


  • Solar simulation packages
  • Complete customized operator interface software packages
  • Complete installation packages available

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Grand Rapids, MI 49512

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