WP Series - Panel Walk-In / Drive-In Test Chamber

Weiss Technik WP Series Walk In & Drive In Test Chambers use insulated panels that may be configured to virtually any size. These walk-in chambers are used to test large batches of product and are also used for full vehicle testing.

The pre-fabricated Walk-In Drive-In test chamber’s modular construction facilitates ease of move-in and setup. Our panelized walk-in chambers accept all sizes of roll-up conditioning modules to meet specific performance requirements. The WP Series has temperatures up to 150 C (302 F) available providing greater testing options.


Model WP/WPH338 WP/WPH534 WP/WPH1090 WP/WPH1740
Test Space Volume
338/9571 534/15121 1090/30865 1740/49271
Temperature Range -68°C to +85°C
Humidity Range 20%RH to 95%RH
External Width 86″ (2184mm) 106″ (2692mm) 129″ (3277mm) 153″ (3886mm)
External Depth 86″ (2184mm) 106″ (2692mm) 152″ (3861mm) 200″ (5080mm)
External Height 104″ (2646mm) 104″ (2642mm) 116″ (2946mm) 116″ (2946mm)

Product Features

  • Nominal 4-inch (102mm), rigid urethane insulation(thicker panels are optional)
  • Multiple Plenum Options for Greater Flexibility
  • Interior lighting provided in vapor-proof fixture with external control switch (specialty lighting systems available)
  • Moisture-Vapor Seal: all joints between panel sections fitted with double gaskets
  • Flush-type door with thermostatically controlled perimeter gasket, heated to remain dry and frost free; standard
  • Clear opening 34-inches (864mm) wide and 78-inches
  • Door hardware includes cam lift, self-closing, chrome plated hinges and a lockable chrome-plated door latch with inside safety release
  • Floor loading of up to 1,200 pounds per square foot. (6,000 pounds available as option)
  • Point loading conditions
  • Optional heavy duty floors sloped to perimeter drains (Recommended for WPH Humidity chambers)

Technical Data

Additional Options

  • Dual air circulation through blowers with solid stainless steel jackshafts
  • Water-cooled cascade refrigeration system
  • Nichrome wire heating elements with fail safe fusible link
  • Solid state heat switching
  • Drive in options available
  • Compatible with four post simulators or dynamometer
  • Solar simulation packages
  • HC/CO monitoring of vehicle under test
  • Complete customized operator interface software packages
  • Complete installation packages
  • Custom sizes available consult with your local salesperson
  • Many options available – contact your local salesperson for complete list


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