The EV series AGREE style chambers are available in sizes ranging from 12 to 110 cubic feet (340 L to 3114L), and accommodate electro-dynamic and mechanical vibration systems and/or roll-in product carts. The EV series can be used as a test chamber or as a test chamber with vibration tables.

  • Humidity option available
  • Vertical Lift option available
  • Custom sizes also available

These chambers allow for rapid temperature change rates and all systems are high pressure, leak tested, and operationally tested to performance specifications prior to delivery.

  • Many options available – contact your local salesperson for complete list

Product Features

  • Engineered to adapt to all vibration tables in the market
  • Gantry and Cantilever styles available for greater testing flexibility
  • Dual door design available for easy loading/unloading
  • 400 MHz RISC CPU
  • 32MB Intel Strata Flash, 64MB RAM
  • Windows CE.NET 4.2
  • RS232 (built-in) 9-pin D-SUB
  • RS-485/422 (built-in) 25-pin D-SUB
  • Ethernet (built-in) 10/100Mbit RJ45/TP
  • USB Host for keyboard, mouse, printers, etc.
  • USB Device port for PC file transfer
  • Internal CF memory slot for memory expansion 32-1024MB
  • External CF data slot for data capture and extraction
  • 2-inch by 6-inch cable slot
  • 4-inch stainless steel access port with plug
  • Diaphragm and frame assembly, shaker to chamber interface
  • Dual air circulation system with solid stainless steel jack shafts
  • Nichrome wire heating elements with fail safe fusible link
  • Solid state heat switching
  • Adjustable door latch
  • LN2 cooling systems optional

    Refrigeration System:

  • Water-cooled cascade condenser
  • Copper tubing cooling coils with aluminum fins
  • High temperature slphosed or silver soldered joints
  • Semi-hermetic compressors
  • HFC refrigerants

Additional Options

  • Custom Sizes
  • Vertical Lift
  • Humidity

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