HALT HASS Test Chamber

Our HALT and HASS test chambers combine extreme temperature transition rates with random vibration to quickly help discover product defects.  These chambers utilize a liquid nitrogen cooling system to provide the rapid thermal change rates required to achieve maximum product stress. The vibration table is a six degree-of-freedom (6DoF) x,y,z axis creating real-world vibration conditions.  Table acceleration levels can be mounted and controlled via a tri-axial accelerometer block, or single Z-axis control.

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HALT and HASS Testing Benefits

  • Precipitates hidden or latent failures caused by poor workmanship or manufacturing processes.
  • Verifies integrity of mechanical interconnects
  • Prevents flawed units from reaching the end-user
  • Detects changes in components and processes
  • Decreases warranty and field service costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction


Temperature Range: -100°C to +200°C

Vibration Range: 1 to 90 GRMS

Ramp Rates: up to 100°C/min

Product Features

  • Quiet operation
  • Large viewing windows
  • Door safety interlock switch
  • Small footprint
  • Front & rear opening door on most models
  • Redundant high/low temperature and vibration limit
  • Multiple cable ports with plug and cover
  • Multi-directional, high volume air flow
  • Full Table Access
  • LN2 cooling
  • Interior lights
  • ETL (UL STD 508A) approved main power panel
  • Powder coat finish for chamber exterior
  • Heavy duty floors
  • High temperature multi-layer insulation

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