Galaxy Series HALT HASS Test Chamber

Our Star Galaxy™ HALT and HASS test chambers combine extreme temperature transition rates with random vibration to quickly help discover product defects.  These chambers utilize a liquid nitrogen cooling system to provide the rapid thermal change rates required to achieve maximum product stress. The vibration table is a six degree-of-freedom (6DoF) x,y,z axis creating real-world vibration conditions.  Table acceleration levels can be mounted and controlled via a tri-axial accelerometer block, or single Z-axis control.

HALT and HASS Testing Benefits

  • Precipitates hidden or latent failures caused by poor workmanship or manufacturing processes.
  • Verifies integrity of mechanical interconnects
  • Prevents flawed units from reaching the end-user
  • Detects changes in components and processes
  • Decreases warranty and field service costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • The innovative WEBSeason® user interface allows you to program, control and monitor your tests at any time and anywhere – even from your tablet or smartphone


Model Galaxy 28 Galaxy 36 Galaxy 44
Table Sizes
in (mm)
28 x 28
(711 x 711)
36 x 36
(914 x 914)
44 x 44
(1118 x 1118)
Test Space Volume
50/1400 60/1700 84/2400
Temperature Range -100°C to +200°C
Vibration Levels Up to 60 GRMS Up to 60 GRMS Up to 60 GRMS
External Width 71″ (1791mm) 83″ (2096mm) 86″ (2197mm)
External Depth 64″ (1626mm) 67″ (1702mm) 67″ (1702mm)
External Height 98″ (2496mm) 100″ (2546mm) 105″ (2667mm)


Product Features

  • Multi-Directional Air Flow
  • Full Table Access
  • Universal Port
  • Front & Rear Door Opening
  • Two bi-parting doors (one front, one rear)
  • Pneumatically actuated door latches with thermal limit door interlocks
  • Four windows – two front, two rear
  • One rectangular access port with plug and phenolic cover
  • LN2 cooling with proportionately actuating control valve
  • LN2 inlet vacuum jacketed
  • Full LN2 piping assembly vacuum jacked
  • Interior lights
  • ETL (UL STD 508A) approved main power panel
  • WebSeason Controller
  • Additional four input vibration system module with cables (customer to supply additional accelerometers)
  • 14 additional thermocouples with connectors for monitoring product temperature with thermocouple patch bridge on chamber interior
  • Digital high/low safety limit
  • GN2 purge
  • Dwyer pressure differential switch – additional heater/plenum safety device
  • One running time meter for vibration monitoring
  • Powder coat finish for chamber exterior
  • Weiss Technik exclusive Component Control feature
  • Standard Construction Features
  • Heavy duty floors slope to perimeter drains
  • Nominal 6-inch (15.2cm) high temperature non-settling fiberglass insulation
  • Vapor-proof interior lights with external switches
  • Testing Specifications for GMW3172 and GMW8287

Additonal Options

  • Custom sizes available consult with your local salesperson
  • Many options available – contact your local salesperson for complete list

Technical Data

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