The WIBOjekt- and the WIBObarrier® system are the basic systems of all WIBO units. Especially shaped air outlets, so-called ejectors create a clean-air curtain that separates the work area and the surrounding area from each other safely.

By means of the clean-air curtain as separation between the product and the person, the WIBOjekt® principle protects the personnel and the room. Product dusts or gas releasing from the product are captured by means of the ejector air and led off specifically by the rear wall extraction.

For cases of application on which especially great importance is attached to stable protection of personnel and high clean-air quality in the product and work area, the WIBObarrier® system has been developed. All advantages of the WIBOjekt® system, such as protection of the person, room are combined.

The barrier clean-air curtain pulls along occurring particles from outside as well as from inside and transfers them to the extraction which is coordinated to that and which is located at the front side, on the rear side and on bottom level.

While the laminar clean-air is flowing through the product area, the barrier clean-air curtain protects this area from air turbulences that are caused by the operating person.

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