Aerospace Test Chambers

Successful Take Off. Safe Touch-Down
Aerospace & Space Simulation test chambers for all your testing applications. Whether satellites, rockets, airplanes, or helicopters: modern aircraft are exposed to extreme stress during use. When it comes to the development, quality assurance and production of proven and new technologies, you’re playing it safe with Weiss Technik.

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Environmental Test Chambers Testing Standards

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Application Sheets/Downloads/Whitepapers

TVC – Space Simulator – 1,3m

TAH – Temperature Altitude Chamber 15m

TAH – Climatic Altitude Chamber 500L

SPIRALE Vs – Control Software

LTC – Low Temperature Chambers – General

LTC – Low Temperature Chamber – 31m

LTC – Low Temperature Chamber – 16m

LTC – Low Temperature Chamber – 12m

CTAH – Combined Temperature Altitude Chamber Icing for battery testing – 1m

CTAH – Combined Temperature Altitude Chamber (Icing) – 1m

TVC – Thermal Vacuum Chambers – General

TVC – Space Simulator – 700L

TVC – Space Simulator – 240L

TVC – Space Simulator – 200L

TVC – Space Simulator – 20m

TVC – Space Simulator – 20m