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Sustainability & Global Warming Potential

Weiss Technik Sustainability And Global Warming Potential (GWP) 

Whether it’s manufacturing industrial equipment or miniature electric devices, customers want the products they buy to function reliably. Premature failure can lead to costly recalls and loss in customer satisfaction, which is why more manufacturers than ever before are embracing environmental testing.  

By simulating the different climatic conditions and mechanical stresses that products are exposed to during their lifetime, environmental testing demonstrates they can operate as intended in various situations. Environmental testing is an important tool utilized to ensure product reliability.  

Chamber Cooling Refrigeration Systems 

Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) were the first refrigerants to gain popularity. Unfortunately, they contain chlorine, which directly causes ozone depletion. To reduce the damage done by CFCs, hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) were then utilized. While initial studies concluded that HFCs were a suitable solution, it was later discovered that they had high global warming potential (GWP) values. 

Our environmental simulation test chambers are now available with Opteon™ XP40 (R-449A), a low GWP refrigerant. Using a refrigerant that is has a low GWP value, it has a lower environmental impact than high GWP blends, and the test chamber designs from Weiss Technik do not sacrifice performance or reliability.  

Protecting our environment is an important value for Weiss Technik’s core mission. That’s why we’re proud to be the first environmental test chamber manufacturer to incorporate a low-Global Warming Potential refrigerant (R-449A) into new test chambers we make since 2016. Here’s a look at how integrating sustainable environmental testing practices into your operations is beneficial.  

View our LEEF – LOW GWP – AIM Act Video

Same Testing Results, Good for The Planet and Business  

Adopting environmentally sustainable business practices means making decisions to reduce long-term adverse environmental impacts. It’s very advantageous for organizations to implement these practices.  

Begin preparing for the future standards and regulations as far as the use of more environmentally-friendly refrigerants is concerned. At Weiss Technik, our unique energy efficient designs and low GWP R-449A refrigerant protect the planet while boosting your bottom line. It’s a win-win for the future of the earth and the future of your business. 

Customer Benefits 

  • R-449A offers a 65% reduction in GWP from commonly used test chamber refrigerants like R-404A. 
  • R-449A was specifically designed to replace R-404A 
  • All applicable Weiss Technik test chambers now use R-449A 
  • Lower Energy use when used in conjunction with LEEF® Technology 
  • Solutions available for both new and existing test chambers 
  • Lower Carbon Footprint 
  • Supports Corporate & Federal Sustainability Programs 
  • R-449A Complies with EU Reg. No. 517/2014 regarding 2,500 GWP limit 
  • Avoids availability and pricing issues of high GWP HFCs refrigerants expected in the United States per the Montreal Protocol 

Implementing sustainable practices also puts your business in a better position if a governmental body or industry oversight group changes regulations. If you’re ahead of the curve, you’re prepared when older refrigerants are phased out.  

Sustainable Environmental Test Chamber Solutions  

More Efficient Systems  

As environmental testing requirements have evolved, manufacturers have gradually increased compressor horsepower to deliver greater cooling capacities. This method provides reliable results, but refrigeration systems with larger compressor horsepower consume more power. As a result, greater energy is pulled from the grid, and operating expenses increase. 

Weiss Technik has tasked itself with delivering an environmental chamber refrigeration solution that offers higher performance and a lower carbon footprint. We’ve developed the innovative, high-efficiency technology LEEF®, or Leading Energy Efficiency Footprint®, which provides an array of benefits including: 

  • Test Result Reliability: Up to 70 percent improved accuracy of temperature and humidity settings 
  • Productivity: Reduce test time thanks to up to 60 percent faster temperature pull down rates 
  • Cost Savings: Up to 40 percent energy savings 
  • Sustainability: LEEF® actively supports policies to reduce the Carbon Footprint 
  • Latest Cooling Refrigerants: Low GWP R-449A Refrigerant 

The Weiss Technik Edge 

As consumers and regulatory bodies demand greater environmental accountability from organizations, the need to develop sustainable practices becomes more important. Weiss Technik’s experts can help you improve your environmental chamber performance and efficiency with LEEF® and low GWP refrigerant solutions.  

We incorporate LEEF® technology into existing product lines that presently use classic refrigeration systems. This will result in higher product quality and reduced operating costs for test chamber users. It’ll also contribute toward environmental sustainability programs. 

Weiss Technik is continuously focusing on additional future innovative cooling technologies with advanced refrigerants that are safe for the environment.

 To learn more see our Sustainability in Environmental Testing & Refrigerants Webinar.


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Contact us to learn more about our environmental test chamber sustainability solutions. We’d love to discuss your situation in greater detail. 


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