The Weiss Technik VT Mini Shed Chambers are used for fuel tank permeation tests or for HC emission tests in fuel carrying vehicle components. The equipment consists of a volume compensation device, explosion-proof test-space, an analyzer, lighting, a window, a refueling port and purging and safety equipment.

Product Features

The Weiss systems are leaders in technology and state-of-the-art. Our equipment includes the following special features as standard:

  • Homogenous conditioning of the test space.
  • Measuring inputs for resistance thermometers in four-wire connection.
  • Possibility for automatic programming of complete temperature profiles.
  • Digital 32-bit measuring and control system (S!MCON/32*) allowing the connection of a PC and a printer.
  • The calibrations performed by WEISS are based on the valid standards and are traceable to national and international measurement standards.

Function Reliability

  • The entire system is designed for use under extreme conditions. High quality materials and sturdy design ensure reliability and durability. Some examples:
  • The test chamber is made from vapor-tight material (inside and outside) that resists impact and corrosion (see technical data).
  • The special construction of the wall elements combines high stability and superior insulation with minimum weight.
  • A double door seal combined with a lockable door ensures an absolute seal of the test chamber, even under extreme climatic conditions.
  • An adjustable over and under temperature protection (specimen protection according to EN 60519-2,1993 thermal safety class2) ensures protection of individual specimens.

Background Emission

  • Low background emissions are essential to obtain reliable test results. To meet the EPA/CARB/EN standards the limit value must not exceed 50 mg HC within 4 h.
  • For our Mini SHED (up to 6m³ volume) we guarantee a background emission of less than 7 mg HC within 4 h according to EPA §86.117-96a.

The above values can be further reduced by applying a special seal for the SHED gate (quoted as an option). Using this special seal the following background emission will be achieved: approx. 3,5 mg HC within 4 h according to EPA §86.117-96a (or our Mini SHED up to 6m³ volume).


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