Benchtop/Laboratory Test Chambers

Our benchtop test chambers are both economical and extremely effective. Designed to fit in small spaces such as factories or laboratories, these chambers are ideal for testing various temperature or climate test on small products or components. Learn more about these compact test chambers, including our WT and WTL/WKL series.

Everyday items, cosmetics and medical products must meet certain quality standards. The temperature test chambers of the VT Mini series allow you to conduct ideal temperature tests for smaller test specimens in the areas of development and quality control. A temperature range of -40°C to +130°C offers the ideal conditions to test the resistance of...
The WT series test chambers are both economical and extremely effective. The series is equipped with all you need to perform cold-heat tests in extreme temperature ranges that comply with the relevant standards. With their compact design these chambers are perfectly suitable for factories and laboratories where space is limited.
With the WTL and WKL chambers of Weiss reproducible climate and temperature tests can be performed directly at your work area. This test chamber was specifically developed for usage in labs with compact dimensions and considerable intrinsic values.