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How To Choose A Walk-In and Drive-In Test Chamber

Walk In Drive In Chamber

To thrive, your product must survive. Years of development, design, and delivery can be undone if your product can’t endure extreme climate changes, tolerate intense vibrations, manage mechanical stresses, resist harsh humidity, or withstand unforgiving solar radiation.

The solution is using a high-quality, high-performing environmental test chamber to determine errors, discover flaws, and discern design problems that could eventually hinder the production, promotion, and reputation of your product. Using environmental chambers can help companies understand how products will perform in the real world before bringing them to market.

Walk-In and Drive-In Test Chamber Benefits Include:

  • Catching defects early
  • Improving product reliability
  • Confirming product Safety
  • Reducing user risk
  • Determining product longevity
  • Lowering company liability

What are Walk-In and Drive-In Test Chambers?

These chambers replicate environmental conditions which machinery, materials, devices, or components might be exposed to, such as temperature, relative humidity, rain, dust, vibration, and other stresses. Walk-In and Drive-In test chambers are effective and efficient environmental test chambers used to test and study products from a wide variety of industries, including:

Weiss Technik designs, develops, and delivers high-quality, high-performing Walk-In test chambers and Drive-In test chambers in many sizes and configurations. Walk-In test chambers and Drive-In test chambers from Weiss Technik come both pre-engineered and ready for use or can be customized to your exact specifications and requirements.

In both Walk-In test chambers and Drive-In test chambers, multiple environmental conditions can be selected for combined test conditions at the performance levels you require.

All Weiss Technik Walk-In test chambers and Drive-In test chambers also feature:

  • Leading Energy Efficiency Footprint (LEEF) technology, a high-efficiency refrigeration system that provides unmatched performance which can cut energy use by up to 40%
  • LOW Global Warming Potential (LOW GWP) technology, R-449A refrigerant that has over a 60% lower GWP than R-404A. R-449A supports the EPA AIM Act phasedown.
  • WEBSeason, an innovative user interface that allows you to program, control and monitor your tests at anytime and anywhere – even from a tablet or a smartphone.

Choosing The Right Test Chamber

  • Walk-In Test Chambers offer the flexibility for testing a larger volume of products at a cost-effective price. Walk-in test chambers can be configured for any size using prefabricated panels.
  • Drive-In Test Chambers are ideal for testing full-sized vehicles, two-seat vehicles, small airplanes, and other large products. Products to be tested are loaded into drive-in test chambers from the ground using pallet trucks, ramps, or trolleys.

Walk-In test chambers and Drive-In test chambers from Weiss Technik come either panelized for flexibility or welded into solid, one-piece construction.

Panelized Walk-In and Drive-In Test Chambers

wp series panel walk in test chamberPanelized Walk-In and Drive-In test chambers utilize insulated panels that can be configured to almost any size. Panelized Walk-In test chambers and Drive-In test chambers can be used to test large amounts of product at the same time or in full vehicles. The pre-fabricated modular construction makes set-up and move-in simple and easy.

Welded Walk-In and Drive-in Test Chambers

ww series walk in chamber

Welded Walk-In and Drive-In test chambers are constructed in one piece. Welded Walk-In test chambers and Drive-In test chambers are ideal for high temperature and high humidity testing. Integrated welded floors provide proper drainage of water and liquids, and the one-piece construction makes the chambers easy to install almost anywhere.

Other options for Walk-In test chambers and Drive-In test chambers include access ports, heavy floor loading, various wall thickness, quiet packages, doors, windows, and LN2 boost.

Specialized Walk-In and Drive-In Test Chambers

Weiss Technik also supplies specialized Walk-In test chambers and Drive-In test chambers.

Drive-In and Walk-In Battery Test Chambers

Drive-In and Walk-In Battery Test Chambers are ideal for testing large battery packs for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Drive-In Climate Test Chambers with Dynamometer

Dynamometer Climate Test Chamber

Drive-In Climate Test Chambers with Dynamometer can simulate temperature or humidity for full vehicle testing on power, exhaust measurements, and fuel consumption.

Large Corrosion Salt-Spray Walk-In Chambers

Large Corrosion Salt-Spray Walk-In Chambers are ideal for measuring the corrosion resistance of certain automotive materials when exposed to salt spray and specific temperatures. Salty air, high humidity, and gritting salt are among many weather-related factors that cause the painted metal to corrode. Weiss Technik’s corrosion test chambers can also be used to conduct freezing tests on vehicles and components. An optional glass door helps keep an eye on everything inside the corrosion test chamber.

Stability Test Walk-In Chambers

walk in stability test chamber

Stability Test Walk-In Chambers provide GMP compliant, ICH Q1A stability storage test conditions from -20°C to +40°C and 40 – 75% RH. Stability chambers provide critical storage rooms ranging in size from small step-ins to large warehouses. Products tested and storage include pharmaceutical raw materials (API) to bulk storage of final packaged products. 

Customized to your specifications

From product conceptualization, to design, testing, and market launch, each manufacturer’s facilities and testing needs are unique. Weiss Technik works closely with you to understand your processes and testing needs. From there, a Walk-In test chamber or Drive-In test chamber can be determined and designed.

When an existing design just doesn’t cut it, Weiss Technik has the experience and expertise to create a custom solution to perfectly suit your parameters.

Unmatched service and support

Weiss Technik’s Service Support Group offers complete engineering and technical support, prompt emergency service, instrumentation upgrades, and equipment relocation services for all walk-in test chambers and drive-in test chambers.

Weiss Technik has locations across the United States and the globe, with more than 400 technicians ready to serve. Weiss Technik also offers RetroFit – an alternative for many long-existing systems.

Your ideal test chamber partner

Weiss Technik strives to foster the long-term loyalty of customers and deliver products of the highest quality for the most demanding applications. Weiss Technik is owned by the Schunk Group a financially sound, globally-active technology group that boosts industries around the world with extensive expertise in the fields of materials and mechanical engineering. Schunk works towards a sustainable future with a passion for technology, a pragmatic approach to solutions, and a dedicated focus on the success of customers.

Contact Us to learn more about environmental test chambers. Our experts are happy to discuss your needs in greater detail.  I

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