Browse below to learn more about the many reach-in chamber options available from Weiss Technik North America, including those specific to noxious gas testing, temperature and humidity, extreme hot and cold testing, and more.

Noxious Gas Test To prove the resistance of the technical products to corrosive gases, Weiss Technik developed the corrosion test chambers cabinets series BSB. The BSB enables an exact dosage of the corrosive gases with a climate conditioned air volume. The main constituents of the corrosive, atmospheric trace elements are: sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxide...
The Endurance® Series from Weiss Technik—the Fast Rate Temperature & Humidity chamber that stands alone. Designed and engineered to give you lasting value, performance and reliability for all your climate testing applications. The intelligent engineered test space design allows for maximum airflow coverage and accurate gradients. Many popular sizes available that allow you to choose...
The TS-120 test chamber consists of two independently controlled chambers, one that is hot and one that is cold. The temperature shock between hot and cold is achieved thanks to the rapid transfer of the specimens on the lift and the subsequent exposure to a wide range of temperatures.  
The TS-60 test chamber is made of two independently controlled chambers. One chamber is hot and the other one is cold. The temperature shock between hot and cold is created with the rapid transfer of the specimens on the lift and the subsequent exposure to a wide range of temperatures.  
Our WK3-0 climate cabinet was designed to simulate long term and accelerated stability tests involving different climates and/or seasonal climates and the climatic zones of the world. The specimens that have been exposed to long-term testing or accelerated service testing played a primary role throughout the development and construction process of the WK3-0.
The WT series test chambers are both economical and extremely effective. The series is equipped with all you need to perform cold-heat tests in extreme temperature ranges that comply with the relevant standards. With their compact design these chambers are perfectly suitable for factories and laboratories where space is limited.
This robust temperature and climate test chamber raises the industry standard to ease operation, performance, and reliability. With a patented climate and temperature conditioning system you can create more productive and easily replicated tests for a larger number of products.
With the WTL and WKL chambers of Weiss reproducible climate and temperature tests can be performed directly at your work area. This test chamber was specifically developed for usage in labs with compact dimensions and considerable intrinsic values.
The WTS-3/WKS-3 test system is based on our tried and true modules, the WT and WK SERIES, now offer increased power for heating, cooling and circulating air. These chambers have volumes ranging from 190 to 1540 liters, and are capable of meeting virtually all requirements of contemporary ESS testing.
The Xceed Custom Reach-In Series is the environmental test chamber from Weiss Technik that gives unlimited options. Designed, engineered, and built to your specifications the Xceed Series offers flexible temperature and humidity ranges, sizes that meet your exact testing requirement and available options that provide unmatched product testing applications.
Xcel Converto from Weiss Technik the modular test chamber system with breakthrough patent pending technologies. Click on link below for Xcel Converto video: Xcel Converto™ technology allows the user a modular, changeable, and expandable test chamber system resulting in reduced test set-up time, and greater flexibility for ever-changing test requirements. LEEF™ (Leading Energy Efficiency Footprint)...