Heat Technology/Ovens

Heat ovens are designed to test the limits of products or components under various degrees of heat, and in some cases, drying. Browse below to see our selection of ovens including chest ovens, continuous oven systems, inert gas atmosphere chambers, tempering oven systems and more.

Heating and drying oven for polymerization of spectacle lenses made of plastic material  
Heating and drying oven for sintering of sockets made from PTFE  
Built for heat treatment of components for aircraft (repair and maintenance of engines).
For heat treatment for catalytic converters.
Drying Chamber for Coating Materials LTU 60/60 according EN1539 The LTU 60/60 is a drying oven for coating materials that contain solvents. Throughout the drying process the solvents are emitted from the surface coatings, varnishes, and impregnation resins which when mixed with air can result in an explosive atmosphere. The LTU 60/60 was designed to...
For certification of special products and processes, leading aerospace companies have developed the Nadcap program which shall ensure economic and constant quality enhancement. The Aerospace Material Specification 2750 D (AMS 2750 D)) describes the pyrometric requirements to thermal processing units as for example chamber ovens which are used for heat treatment processes. For heat treatment...
Build for hardening of casting compounds and fiber reinforced material.
Drying of photosensitive resist on glass panes for manufacturing measuring tapes under clean-room conditions.
Drying and tempering of PTFE fabricated product.
Hardening of epoxy resin impregnated carbon fiber pipes.
Changing the shape of fiber optical waveguides that are used to detect elementary particles.
The TU 60/60 drying oven offers an unparalleled level of performance when compared to the classical laboratory equipment. The TU 60/60 offers easy loading and unloading, has a small design and short heating times thanks to high powered heaters, short drying cycles courtesy of an optimized air flow with extensive air exchange as well as...
Our TUD 150/60/365-250°C with cooling zone is designed for the vulcanization and shaping of vehicle refrigerant hoses. Learn more about the features of this continuous oven system.
The TUD 25/25/300 from Weiss Technik is designed for adhesive hardenening of SMD components, specially coils. Find more information regarding this continuous oven system and contact us to request a quote.
Our TUHT 250/80/80-250°C chest oven is designed for the heating of flange wheels at 200°C. Learn more about the features of this oven below and contact us for more information.
The TUHT 400/50/75 from Weiss Technik is designed for the heating and warm storage of spinnerets and viscose pumps. Learn more about the features of this chest oven below.
A glass cooling oven for stress relieving and cooling of glass products.
Built for tempering, ageing and distressing of metal parts, sintering of PTFE, etc.
Designed for heat treatment under inert gas and forming gas atmospheres.
Heat treatment under inert gas atmosphere.
Heat treatment of airplane landing gear and brakes.
The tempering ovens series VAW represent a construction concept which was proved, tested and enhanced over decades and therefore, is suitable for many heat treatment processes on different materials. Universal use up to 750°C in standard models. For applications with temperatures exceeding 400 °C, we offer customized solutions. The examples listed are only an extract of...
Our VDL 130/15/400-200°C continuous oven system is built for the hardening of closing plugs for medicine vials. Learn more about the special features of this system below.
For the drying of printed circuit boards.
Built for drying and tempering of sinter metal parts and heat treatment of bulk materials.
Continuous oven for curing of silicone-like sealing compound in impulse sensors.
Designed for the annealing of pressure controllers, learn more about this continuous oven system from Weiss Technik North America below. Contact us today for more information or to request a quote.
For the hardening of carbon fiber molded parts
Built to harden glue on electrical components
Designed for the curing of coating of plastic lenses.
Continuous oven with cooling zone for tempering of different bulb sockets (plastics)
Built for the heating of dashboards for the polymerization of adhesives.
Continuous oven with cooling zone for curing adhesive joints on reflector discs.
Designed to assist with annealing of compensators.
Curing of resin impregnated fiber composite pipes.
Drying oven for coating materials for simulation of coil coating process. Testing oven for surface coating.
These heating and drying ovens are available in 7 sizes with a comprehensive range of accessories, e.g. loading trolleys, temperature controller etc. They can be used globally for heating and drying processes in the production and research.
Built for the hardening processes in the manufacture of spectacle lenses made of plastic material.
Heat treatment of toothed wheels for car gearings.
Built for the drying of printed and resin soaked pattern prints fastened to a frame.
Heating of suspended sheets for subsequent shaping.
Heating and drying oven for tempering of SMD on a lead frame band  
Designed for curing of encapsulated motor coils.
Built for heating and tempering plastic sheets and glass panes.
Heating and drying oven for drying of rotors for centrifuges and long, upright parts.
For use in the production of laminated safety glass panes for cars (Tempering under vacuum atmosphere)
Curing of thermoplastics and carbon-reinforced components.
Heating and tempering of plastic sheets under an inert, protective gas atmosphere (N2)
Tempering and Curing oven for Curing of carbon-reinforced components.
Designed for hardening of large fiber-reinforced composite parts at 110°C.
Designed to seal lead crystal shapes into plastic.
Designed for heat treatment of rubber/metal gaskets for vehicle gears.
The VTUT Chest Oven is suitable for the warming and hot storing of machine components such as spinning nozzles and pumps used in the plastic industry. It can also be used for the following: Releasing of welding and casting constructions Warming up of heavy components Pre-heating of materials for subsequent treatment Tempering of plastic components...
The VTUT 100/50/75-350°C chest oven from Weiss Technik is designed for the stress relieving of welded constructions as well as the preheating of spinning nozzles. Learn more about the features of this chest oven and contact us today for more information.
The VTUT 520/50/75-350°C chest oven from Weiss Technik is made for the heating and hot storage of spinning nozzles. Find more information on the product features and industry applications below.